Handicap 0 meaning in Sports betting explained with 3 steps

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What does an online betting handicap of 0 means?

These days, a lot of sports betting websites, such as 1XBET, are popping up that provide you with a variety of betting alternatives to choose from and increase the excitement of any sporting event. The Handicap 0 bet is one such wagering option that is frequently seen in various sports, particularly football. How do you play handicap 0 and what does it mean? Continue reading to find the answers to these queries!

what is handicap 0 meaning explained by 88malay experts

Let’s examine the handicap option in order to get the meaning of handicap 0. By providing the stronger side a negative goal handicap and the underdog team a positive headstart goal, which are subsequently added or subtracted from the teams’ final results depending on their strength differential, the wager modifies the actual outcomes of the game.

However, if you choose the Handicap 0 betting option, all you get is a handicap of 0 goals assigned to each team, meaning that the final score will not have any goals added or subtracted. This indicates that there is almost no difference in strength between the teams so the goal total for the team remains unchanged.

What distinguishes this betting option from 1X2 and other widely used betting outcomes, then? The fact that your wager is refunded if the team’s draw is most likely the reason. However, the fact that other handicap betting alternatives with various negative and positive goal differences are frequently offered by the sportsbooks alongside the Handicap 0 bets makes them even more unique.

Examples and definition of the meaning of Handicap 0 in football wagering

In order to gain a better understanding of the significance of handicap 0, let’s examine the West Ham vs. Newcastle match scenario above, where the teams were given the choice to bet on handicap 0. As seen in the image below, both teams, Team 1 (West Ham) and Team 2 (Newcastle), have a handicap score of 0 in addition to other – and + handicap goal differences.

handicap 0 meaning explaination and betting guide by 88malay

Case 1: West Ham has a handicap of zero. Since there is no goal added to or subtracted from West Ham’s final game results, the Handicap 0 meaning assigned to the team means that West Ham would need to win the game in order for this betting option to win.

Case 2: Newcastle’s handicap is 2 (0) Since there is no goal added to or subtracted from Newcastle’s match-ending results, the Handicap 0 meaning for Newcastle would suggest that New Castle needs to win the game in order for this betting option to win.

Case 3: The teams draw a blank: Finally, there is a third scenario in which there may be a tie between the teams’ actual match results for the Handicap 0 betting option and other single-digit handicap bets. In these situations, the bettor receives their wager back.

How can I bet on Asian Handicap 0 at 1XBET sportsbook?

Now that you understand what a handicap of 0 in football sports betting means, you can use this easy three-step tutorial from 88malay to place your bets online at 1XBET Sportsbook. The 1XBET sportsbook is quite helpful, especially for new players because they have generous bonus offers for your initial investment.

Step 1: Visit the 1XBET website and select the sports offering

  • In order to access the registration form, you must first register for an account on the 1XBET website by selecting the ‘Registration’ button located in the top-right corner of the homepage.

what is handicap 0 meaning explained by 88malay experts step 1

  • Upon finishing the 1XBET Registration procedure, you need to use your new login credentials to access the website by clicking the ‘Login‘ option.
  • following, proceed to the following step by selecting the ‘Sports‘ product from the ribbon menubar to gain access to the 1XBET sportsbook.

Step 2: Use the sportsbook’s filter to find a game with handicap zero bets

  • You will arrive at a website with all of the matches, betting choices, and betting odds from the various sports in the following step. Thus, use the ‘Football‘ option found in the left-hand filter panel to filter the sportsbook.
  • This will display all football matches on a single page, but for more detailed results, select the type of match you wish to bet on. In this case, we selected the “Early” option in order to place a wager on the best early odds.

what is handicap 0 meaning explained by 88malay experts step 2

  • You have to scroll down to find a match with Handicap 0 bets after filtering the 1XBET sportsbook. It’s really easy to do this because of the interface of the 1XBET sportsbook.
  • After locating the desired item, you need to click on the match to proceed to the final section of this How to Bet 1XBET tutorial. Here, we’ve chosen an early game with a handicap of 0 between Brighton & Hove Albion and Aston Villa.

Step 3: After deciding on a sub-betting choice, place your wagers

This tutorial’s last step requires you to place a wager and lock in your bets for the chosen match. To do this, locate the handicap betting option by scrolling down and selecting your preferred sub-betting option.

what is handicap 0 meaning explained by 88malay experts step 3

  • When you do this, a betting slip will open to the right, requiring you to input your wager. It will then display the payment based on the betting odds.
  • Click ‘Place a bet‘ if you think the possible outcomes make sense. This will lock your bets for that particular match. All you need to do now is watch the live match in the sportsbook while you wait for the outcomes by logging back into your 1XBET account.

Definition of handicap 0 together with terms and odds for betting

Now, let’s examine the 1XBET sportsbook match bet that was put above in relation to the handicap 0 meaning, the terms, and the specified 1XBET odds for betting. It is crucial to comprehend the table below since the handicap match betting odds do aid in determining which sub-betting option has a higher possibility of winning.

Wagered on Aston Villa @ 1.96 Wagered on Brighton @ 1.9
what is handicap 0 meaning explained by 88malay experts outcome 1 what is handicap 0 meaning explained by 88malay experts outcome 2
Condition: Aston Villa must win the match Condition: Brighton must win the match
Betting odds: 1.96 Betting odds: 1.9
Betting amount: RM10 Betting amount: RM10
If the team wins: you win RM1.96 If the team wins: you win RM19
If the team loses: The wagered stake is lost If the team loses: The wagered stake is lost
If the teams draw: the Wagered stake is returned If the teams draw: the Wagered stake is returned

As you’ve seen, the rules governing handicap 0 betting in sports state that the teams must triumph in order for the wagers made on them to be successful. You get rewards according to the betting stake thanks to the betting odds. Furthermore, your betting stake will be reimbursed to you in the event that the teams in the match tie.

You will also notice, though, that the higher the payout, the better the betting odds. This is due to the fact that betting on options with greater odds carries a significant risk; therefore, you will be compensated more if you take a chance. However, this also implies that, although the wins will be smaller, betting on lower odds is still the best course of action because they are assured to be profitable.

Three crucial Handicap 0 betting pointers that you should adhere to

Let us leave you with three crucial beginner’s handicap betting pointers in the last section of this instructional. Because these three strategies for playing 1XBET handicap 0 bets are offered by 88malay specialists, who are professional online bettors, they are quite helpful.

what is handicap 0 meaning explained by 88malay

  1. Apply for a sportsbook promotion: Using any sportsbook bonuses available on your betting website is the first piece of advice. You can take advantage of the 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia 100% bonus of up to RM500 on sportsbook products since we suggest using the 1XBET website.
  2. Bet on lower odds: As previously mentioned, if you are unsure which betting choice to select, always go with the one with the lowest odds as it indicates that you are placing a wager on the option that has the best chance of winning.
  3. Examine the match’s statistical information: Lastly, the statistical data charts that provide you with information on the teams and which team has a higher chance of winning are another useful tool that can assist you in placing precise bets at the sportsbooks.


Using the 1XBET sportsbook, this was the Handicap 0 Meaning with a betting instruction tutorial. You may play the Handicap 0 betting at the 1XBET sportsbook right now by using this explanation and betting lesson from 88malay. It is advantageous to utilize the 1XBET sportsbook, particularly if you are a novice since you can receive generous bonuses for live casinos and sportsbooks on your initial payment.