Learn how to verify 1XBET account ID – 88malay tutorial guide

Learn how to verify 1XBET account in 2 steps with 88malay guide- Set password, verify mobile + email, add security question, and 2-factor 1XBET ID verification.

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Online gaming on top betting sites like 1XBET Malaysia is something you can indulge in for some fun and entertaining time. In fact, doing so could also help you earn some side cash that you can save up on to boost your account wallet. But to secure the cash, it is important that you verify your account details. 1XBET has one of the best verification processes that takes less than 3 minutes, to secure and safeguard every detail in your account.

Learn how to Verify 1XBET account in 2 simple steps

As stated, the 1XBET website is one of the best places that you can game online because here you don’t only get topnotch quality products to play from top distributors in the betting world, but also some of the best security and customer services on the internet. Thus, here we will show you how to verify 1XBET account ID details in 2 simple steps to secure important details in the 1XBET database.

Step 1: Log into 1XBET and visit your profile

  • To make a 1XBET ID verification, you must visit the official 1XBET website and click on the ‘Log In‘ button on the homepage to log into your account.

how to verify 1xbet account id 88malay tutorial guide step 1

  • If you do not own a 1XBET account, then make a 1XBET Registration on the website by clicking on the ‘Registration‘ button, and this process takes under 2 minutes.
  • When you are done with the 1XBET registration or 1XBET login, you must click on the profile icon to visit your profile and complete the 1XBET ID verification process in step number 2.

Step 2: Click on ‘Safety’ and verify the following details

  • In step number two, you will have to verify all the important account details on the website, and for this you must click on the ‘Safety‘ option from the menu on the left side.

how to verify 1xbet account id 88malay tutorial guide step 2

  • Doing so would give you all the details you must verify to complete the 1XBET ID Verification process on the 1XBET website. Below we mentioned are the 5 important details you must add or verify to complete the security process in your 1XBET account. If you have any trouble with the how to verify 1XBET account tutorial on the website, then you can contact the 1XBET Customer Care services for help.

1. Password

how to verify 1xbet account id 88malay tutorial guide password verification

The first thing you must do is update your account password. This means that you must change the password that already exists in your account for security purposes. That being said if you have newly created an account on the 1XBET website then you can do this step after 3 months.

2. Phone Number

how to verify 1xbet account id 88malay tutorial guide phone number verification

The next thing you must verify is your Phone number which is linked to your account. For this, you must enter your mobile number and then click on the ‘Allow Verification Phone’ button to verify your phone number which must be an active mobile number.

3. Security Question

how to verify 1xbet account id 88malay tutorial guide security question

Another important thing you must add to your account is a security question whose answer only you would know. This is an alternative to your account password so when there is a login attempt from a different IP address, the answer to this question would save your account from getting hacked.

4. Email Login

how to verify 1xbet account id 88malay tutorial guide email verification

Email Verification is the next 1XBET ID Verification you must complete. This means that you must first enable the email login process by clicking on the slider button. This would mean that you can use an active email address to make logins as a way to secure account details.

5. Two-factor Security

how to verify 1xbet account id 88malay tutorial guide 2 factor verification

Complete the two-factor verification using an authenticator application. For this you have to download the authenticator application scan the QR code or enter the OTP given. Doing so would immediately secure your account details via the authenticator app only you can access.

Why should you verify 1XBET account ID?

The 1XBET website is one of the best and allrounder betting site on the internet according to this 1XBET Malaysia Review. Verifying your account details on the 1XBET website is important so that you are able to game online without any fraudulent activities taking place behind your back. This is important also because setting the highest form of security by verifying the aforementioned five details could help you with protecting important information, bank account cash, and other important aspects needed for a 1XBET registration. Below mentioned are the 5 reasons you should learn how to verify 1XBET account.

how to verify 1xbet account id tutorial by 88malay
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  1. Secures important account details: The 1XBET ID verification process locks important details in your account as you verify the details thereby securing these important account details. These details can then be accessed only by you and the 1XBET security team to keep track of the activity in your account including 1XBET Deposit, withdrawal, and winning payout details.
  2. Saves personal data in 1XBET database: In continuation with the aforementioned point, the 1XBET security team locks your personal data in the 1XBET database which also includes your IP address. So, if there is any login attempt made with a different IP address, you will get notified on your verified contact details.
  3. Keeps cash in account wallet safe: The most important reasons why you should verify your 1XBET account details is probably because it helps keep the account details as well as the cash deposited, or payouts won on gaming on the 1XBET products, safe and locked in your account, which only you can access for withdrawals.
  4. Avoid getting hacked: The 1XBET ID verification process also lets you avoid getting hacked because even if they have your email or phone number, retrieving any hacked account is simple thanks to the security question set and the two factor verification done from your google account.
  5. To get updates related to your account: Last but not least, the account details once verified using the above how to verify 1XBET account tutorial, would help you get instant updates on your account. These updates can be regarding login attempts from different IPs or even on exclusive 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia bonuses that you can claim on your account.

3 Mistakes to avoid when making 1XBET ID verification

By now you will have learned most of the things you must carry out to learn how to verify 1XBET account. So, in this final section of the how to verify 1XBET account details tutorial, let us give you tips on the 3 mistakes you must avoid when making a 1XBET ID Verification. These 3 mistakes can hinder with the security process of the 1XBET ID verification over time, so avoid these immediately could save you from many fraudulent activities.

how to verify 1xbet account id 88malay tutorial guide

  1. Not updating your password every 3 months: The first thing that you must avoid as a 1XBET member is not updating your password after every three months. This is important because the 1XBET account password must be changed regularly to avoid getting hacked. To keep track, you can use the google generated password and save details for autofill on your google account.
  2. Not updating your contact details when they change: Another important thing that you must remember to do is update your contact details when they change. This could be your email address or phone number. It is always important to keep the active contact details as your 1XBET contact information to avoid any hassle.
  3. Not completing the 2-factor verification process: Lastly, many people tend to avoid the 1XBET 2-factor verification process on the website since they have to download an authenticator application. But this is an extremely important 1XBET ID verification process that you must carry out to completely secure your 1XBET account details.


This was How to Verify 1XBET Account ID in 2 simple steps by 88malay guide. Verifying your account details after making a 1XBET registration is the most important thing you must do in order to claim the 1XBET Promotion Bonuses and even game on the 1XBET dashboard products without worrying about security. Because once you make the 1XBET ID verification, the 1XBET Security team will handle your account’s safety by safeguarding your details in their database which only you will be able to access. So go ahead and make the 1XBET ID verification today if you have not yet!