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Read this honest 1XBET 1XGames review with top 7 must-try games by 88malay. Join 1XBET to play lottery, slots, cards, & more games for free or real cash online!

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1XBET is known to be one of the top gaming providers on the internet via their website that caters to world-wide customers. The online betting platform also has its own games provided under the games 1XBET 1XGames section. This second is perhaps the best of them all as it does not only provide you with a wide range of gaming products but also lets you experience endless entertainment in the free demo rooms it offers.

Top 6 Gaming Categories under 1XBET 1XGAMES

Before we give you more information about the games in 1XBET 1XGames website, let us first give you a glance at all the gaming products you can find on the 1XBET website under the 1XGames section. As you scroll down, you will see the top 1XBET online games under each section that you must try as well to get the benefits of endless entertainment online.

#1. Lotteries

1xbet 1xgames lottery gaming online 88malay

First on the list is the lotteries section and what you will find under this section is literally given in its name and that is an extensive variety of lottery games on the betting site. But what is even more better is that these lottery games come with different rules than alter the normal lottery gameplay making things more interesting.

#2. Slots Online

1xbet 1xgames slots gaming online 88malay

Slots gaming sections is something that every online betting site should have and although the 1XBET website has a slot section in their 1XBET casino section, under the 1XBET 1XGames section you can get access to slot games provided from the 1XBET website themselves which you can play for real money or free.

#3. Climb to Victory

1xbet 1xgames climb to victory gaming online 88malay

Climb to Victory is another section on the betting site that you can play under the 1XBET 1XGames section. This is something that you should definitely try as climb to victory games are entertaining to the extreme where you begin playing at the bottom of a tower and make your way to top by wagering and winning.

#4. Dice Games

1xbet 1xgames dice gaming online 88malay

Dice games are classic betting games that every body has played. So on the 1XBET 1XGames website, you can play many dice game for free or in the real money demo rooms. In fact, the Dice games at 1XBET are the most chill games you can play online where you sit back, relax, and leave most of the wins to luck.

#5. Card Games

1xbet 1xgames card gaming online 88malay

The 1XBET website has many card games with different settings under different sections on the dashboard under the 1XBET Live casino sections. However, if you want to play card games with virtual dealers, then you can jump to the 1XBET 1XGames card games section to access the same classic casino games on the betting site as a member.

#7. Other Games

1xbet 1xgames other games gaming online 88malay

If you are looking to play something unique, fun, and entertaining, then do check out the ‘Other Games’ option under the 1XBET 1XGames section. Here you can play dominoes, head or tails, penalties, free throws, roulette, and other casino games that cannot be classified in any of the aforementioned categories on the site.

7 Most Played 1XBET 1XGAMES in Malaysia 2024

Let us now look into the top 7 must-play 1XBET online games in 1XBET 1XGames section. These games in 1XBET are available to play for real money or in the free demo rooms. Many players play these games and thus they are considered to be the best of the best on the betting site. Make a 1XBET Registration today to play these fun games!

#1. Crash

88malay 1xbet 1xgames review tutorial recommendations crash

Crash is one of the games in 1XBET 1XGames lottery section. This game gives the lottery gameplay an enhancement as here you must predict when the plane will crash before the take-off.

#2. Crystal

88malay 1xbet 1xgames review tutorial recommendations crystal

Crystal is one of the games found under the 1XBET slots section. Here you must play to get crystal combos to win huge payouts. This is a chill game that you can play at 1XBET 1XGames.

#3. 21

88malay 1xbet 1xgames review tutorial recommendations 21

Another games in 1XBET that you should try is called the 21 game which is one of the best 1XBET 1xGames game rooms on the site. This is similar to baccarat where you must play to get a card number closer to 21.

#4. Apple of Fortune

88malay 1xbet 1xgames review tutorial recommendations apple of fortune

Apple of Fortune is one of the fantasy climbs to victory games that you can play to get jackpot wins. This game is based on the Snow White story where you must keep betting to win your way to the top.

#5. Under & Over 7

88malay 1xbet 1xgames review tutorial recommendations under and over

Under and Over 7 is a game from the Dice games section in 1XBET 1XGames. This game is based on the sports betting option over and under where you must predict whether the dice will be more or less than 7.

#6. Dice

88malay 1xbet 1xgames review tutorial recommendations dice

Another fun Dice game to play is the game in 1XBET called Dice. This game has fun illustrations where you must predict the outcomes of the 4 dice on the table at the click of a button in the 1XBET game room.

#7. Scratch Card

88malay 1xbet 1xgames review tutorial recommendations scratch card

Lastly, the Scratch Card game is another fun game you can find under the Other Games 1XBET 1XGames section. Here you must scratch to get icon combinations equivalent to payout rewards.

Why should you play at 1XBET 1XGAMES?

Above we mentioned all the gaming sections and top games you can play and win under the 1XBET 1XGames section for real money or in the 1XBET game free rooms., but what we did not introduce are the reasons why you should go ahead and make 1XBET your official gaming site on the internet. To help you with this, let us cover the most convincing reasons that will make you complete the 1XBET registration and make your first 1XBET Deposit to play the 1XBET online games.

88malay 1xbet 1xgames review tutorial recommendations by experts

  1. Legal to use: Firstly the 1XBET website is legal to use which means that Malaysian players can access the website and play in ringgit as there is a Curacao eGaming license certificate provided to the website allowing it to promote the 1XBET online games worldwide legally.
  2. Free demo rooms: Although it is mentioned above, there are many 1XBET game free demo rooms that you can access after making a login. Which means that you do not really have to make any deposits on the website to play the fun games and have a good time.
  3. Reasonable prices: If you want to play with real money to win real money then you do not have to worry about the price of the games on the website. This means that there are reasonable prices that start from €1 only which translates to RM5. This price is reasonable to game with and also get huge 1XBET Withdrawals overtime.
  4. Variety of games: With 6 different sub-sections under the 1XBET 1XGames section on the website, you can be entertained for a really long time once you decide to become an official 1XBET member on the official website.
  5. Easy interface: Lastly, the interface, navigation, and gameplay is all easy on the 1XBET online games website making gaming here fun. Thus, overall, the 1XBET 1XGame products cater to both beginners as well pro bettors.

Know more about 1XBET Malaysia

The above reasons are the basic things that you should know before you create an account on the 1XBET online games website. However, there are other important details about this betting site that you definitely should be aware about as well.

88malay 1xbet 1xgames review tutorial recommendations play at 1xbet

1XBET is a private owned company with a license to operate from the Curacao eGaming company.

Thus, it allows this website to promote the 1XBET 1XGames, Casino, and Sportsbook products to worldwide customers, including Malaysia. As a 1XBET member, you can play casino games, sports betting, lottery games, fishing games, and other fun products that can guarantee a fun gaming session every time you decide to game. But what is even more beneficial is the new member bonuses that you can claim on the betting site on your first deposit to avoid spending a lot of money from your own pockets. Contact 1XBET Customer Care to know more.

Claim up to RM6,800 bonus on first deposit

88malay 1xbet 1xgames review tutorial recommendations promotion bonuses

As mentioned above, there are many exciting 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia bonuses that you can claim if you decide to create an account in the 1XBET register. One of the most extravagant bonuses is the first deposit bonus that you can get for casino games or sportsbook betting on the website with additional free spins. All you must do is make a minimum deposit of the required amount and you can claim a 100% promotion bonus welcome offer up to RM6,800.

Note: The promotion for casino games works till the 4th deposit including the free spins as long as the conditions are met.


Overall, the 1XBET 1XGames section on the official website is something you definitely should check out to play classic casino games, to old games like Dominoes, OXO, and more. Thus, go ahead and create an account in the 1XBET register today to get the chance to claim any of the first deposit promotional offers on your account wallet. To win the betting rounds and earn more, keep visiting 88malay.com as we provide expert tips, tricks, strategies, and tutorials on the 1XBET gaming products.