1XBET Partners – Know Sponsorship deals of 2024 & previous!

Know the most exciting sponsorship opportunities that 1XBET Partners has ever offered by 88malay! From 1XBET ambassador Samuel Eto’o to sports & esports teams!

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The 1XBET betting site consistently provides its users with top-notch goods and services, making it one of the most outstanding gaming companies on the internet. That being said, in addition to being among the top game providers, they are also regarded as top sponsor partners, as seen by the stellar history of 1XBET Partners sponsorship deals that are listed below.

1XBET Ambassador 2023: Samuel Eto’o and Eva Elfie

Joining the 1XBET register should be justified by looking at the 1XBET Partners list, which has one of the most amazing sponsorship histories between a gaming site and sports teams. Members and fans alike gain from these amazing sponsorships, in addition to both sides. Having stated that, let’s start by examining the 1XBET Ambassador deals that are still active.

1XBET Ambassador 2023: Samuel Eto'o and Eva Elfie

  1. Samuel Eto’o: A Cameroonian football player who has also played for Barcelona and Inter Milan, Samuel Eto’o is among the top players in the world. The football star and 1XBET inked a contract in 2023 that will serve as the betting site’s brand ambassador until 2025.
  2. Eva Elfie: The Russian actress Eva Elfie was a 1XBET Ambassador before Samuel Eto’o was signed. In an effort to promote the 1XBET website, Eva runs an exclusive competition called Evaginarium. To win a meet-and-greet with other 1XBET prize winners, you must collect coins by playing Eva’s preferred games.

1XBET Partners: Know about 1XBET sports and league sponsors

Now let’s examine the 1XBET Partners agreement thus far. All of the sports teams that 1XBET sponsors are featured here for your introduction. Additionally, 1XBET has sponsorship agreements with numerous leagues and events, some of which are listed below.

Professional Fighters League (2023 – 24)

In February 2023, the Professional Fighters League, one of the most well-known mixed martial arts leagues, and 1XBET signed its first and most recent sponsorship agreement. One of the largest and fastest-growing mixed martial arts leagues is PFL.

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review pfl

Early in 2023, a sponsorship agreement was reached with 1XBET partners, under which the sportsbook will operate as the exclusive regional betting partner for PFL matches. Players from Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa will get priority access to all PFL matches due to their status as regional partners of 1XBET.

Italy Serie A (2023 – 24)

The following 1XBET sponsorship agreement was made with Serie A, a well-known sports league. The two parties entered into an international partnership with the all-around betting website. To bet on some of the most anticipated Serie A league games, register for 1XBET now.

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review serie a

Serie A, which is sponsored by 1XBET, is a premier football league that features some of the best must-bet games and is home to several important Italian teams. Serie A and 1XBET formally partnered as an international presenting partner in 2023, a relationship that will last until 2024.

Paris Saint Germain (2022 – present)

You will only get more amazed as you learn more about the 1XBET Partner arrangements and all of the 1XBET Sponsor teams that are highlighted in this post. Introducing to you the next 1XBET sponsorship agreement: the football team PSG, sponsored by 1XBET, will be appearing as 1XBET’s Regional Partner.

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review psg

Paris Saint-Germain, or PSG, is one of the most well-liked sports teams in the football world and has a roster full of talented players. 1XBET sponsors PSG. The participants from Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East stand to gain much more from this agreement. It is therefore necessary to place a wager on them, which you can accomplish by funding your account with a 1XBET deposit.

Football Club Barcelona (2019 – 24)

The Football Club Barcelona squad is yet another elite 1XBET sponsor on this outstanding list. 2019 saw FCB enter a sponsorship agreement with 1XBET to serve as their official betting partner. Top-notch match streams are also available for many fans to watch on the website thanks to 1XBET sponsor Barcelona.

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review barcelona

The fact that this 1XBET sponsorship agreement will last until 2024 makes it much more awesome. As official betting partners, 1XBET website members receive updates on the hottest 1XBET sponsor Barcelona matches in the 1XBET Sportsbook, making this partnership advantageous for both parties and fans. So sign up at 1XBET to place bets and watch Barcelona games right now!

Confederation Africaine Event (2019 – present)

Numerous football games in Africa are organised by the Confédération Africaine de Football League. In 2019, 1XBET and CAF joined together as official event sponsors; this partnership is still in place today.

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review caf

The sponsorship agreement between the CAF and 1XBET Partners, under which 1XBET sponsored any football game the CAF organised and the CAF advertised the 1XBET website with banners and posters during these games, proved to be advantageous. Use the RM500 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia to place bets on any CAF game at 1XBET.

One Championship (2022 – present)

One Championship, one of the leading mixed martial arts organisations, was the next host 1XBET partnered sponsorship arrangement that 1XBET inked. This agreement started in 2022 when 1XBET promoted Southeast Asian One Championship matches.

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review one championship

One Championship and 1XBET partnered to form an agreement whereby the 1XBET betting site prioritised the promotion of several matches held under One Championship-hosted tournaments on their website. You may easily place bets on some of the top ONe Championship matches by signing up for the 1XBET website even now.

LOSC Lille (2022 – 25)

As you are aware, 1XBET has a long history of partnerships with some of the best leagues and teams in sports. One such long-standing collaboration is with LOSC Lille, one of the best French football teams.

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review losc lille

The partners of 1XBET The football squad from LOSC Lille is a regional partner of 1XBET. This indicates that the group advertised the 1XBET website throughout the world’s Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa. As compensation, supporters receive first dibs on all LOSC Lille games as well as other promos that they may take advantage of and withdraw money from 1XBET Withdrawal.

Learn about the 1XBET x Esports sponsorship deal history

If the list of 1XBET sponsor teams’ sponsorship deals has pleased you, you’ll be happy to hear that the 1XBET website has also worked with some of the best ESports teams in the sports industry throughout the years. Now let’s examine a few of their Esports 1XBET partner agreements over the years.


1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review esl

The Germain ESports group, or ESL, pretended to be 1XBET’s global betting partner in 2021. Both sides committed to taking part in numerous creative ways to market each other to supporters throughout the world during this promotion.


1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review mibr

MIBR eSports was another one of 1XBET’s ESports partners. This Brazilian-based organisation signed a Global Sponsor partnership agreement with 1XBET in 2022, and the agreement is expected to remain in effect until 2025.

Team Spirit

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review team spirit

Another well-known Russian organisation is Team Spirit. In 2022, this organisation and 1XBET entered into an international collaboration agreement which both parties used a variety of promotional strategies to promote one another.

Talon E-Sports

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review talon

In 2023, 1XBET and the Hong Kong-based Talon ESports organisation inked an exclusive Dota-2 contract. With the help of this 1XBET sponsorship, the 1XBET ESports section’s Talon Dota 2 division will receive hot match updates.

The MongolZ

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review mongolz

If you play ESports games, you have probably heard of The MongolZ CS:GO team, who were just resurrected. A MongolZ 1XBET sponsorship was just announced by 1XBET; an agreement is still pending.

Boom E-Sports

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review boom esports

The 1XBET team revealed earlier this year that they have entered into a sponsorship agreement with Boom ESports. As part of this agreement, they will host events and promote their brand extensively, offering fans exclusive deals.

OG E-Sports

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review og esports

The 1XBET team and OG ESports, a well-known ESports organisation, inked a Betting Partner agreement in 2022. Priority promotion was given to matches involving other 1XBET Sponsor teams over those under OG ESports.

IHC E-Sports

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review ihc esports

One of the other outstanding Esports groups that has teamed up with 1XBET as a Main Sponsor is IHC ESports. Watch every IHC ESports match and place bets in the sportsbook by signing up with 1XBET.


1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review k23

One of the ESports teams that 1XBET sponsors is the Kazakhstani ESports organisation. This organisation entered into a fruitful cooperation in 2017 that continued admirably through the year 2022.

COC Tour

1xbet partners sponsorship sports teams review champion of champions

GRID organises the Champion of Champions, or COC, tour, which holds numerous CS:GO matches all over the world. 1XBET prioritised the COC matches in their ESports sportsbook during this relationship.


One of the most remarkable sponsorship histories any betting site has had over the years is the 1XBET Partners list, as you have seen, and the more spectacular a sponsor history list is, the more legitimate the website gets to use. So go ahead and register for a 1XBET account now to start placing bets on some of the most exciting games from the top sports leagues!