1XBET Live Casino Online Review 2024 – 100% Bonus up to €300

1XBET Live Casino Review 2024: No. 1 in Malaysia to play legal online games like baccarat, roulette, poker & more. Join & win 100% up to RM1,500 on 1st deposit.

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Introduction to 1XBET Live Casino Online

Gambling has grabbed its place in the online world with strong roots since digitalisation and the industry is still growing tremendously. Over millions of players join online gambling platforms every day and engage in fun earnings. The online gambling market is filled with good live casino platforms and we are here to present the best one for you, one of the most reputable and trustworthy online live casino platforms in Malaysia is 1XBET Live Casino online.

1xbet live casino online malaysia to play casino games with minimum betting limit

1XBET Casino betting site is authorized by CURACAO E-Gaming License to conduct legal online live casino games like baccarat, blackjack, dragon tiger, sic bo, poker, roulette and so many more in Malaysia. It has a verified SSL certificate to secure the documents and personal information of online players. Continue reading to learn more beneficial features of 1XBET Online Casino.

  • Minimum betting stake: 1XBET Casino offers gambling online in live casino games like baccarat, roulette, poker, blackjack, etc. with a minimum betting stake of RM1.
  • High RTP & low house edge: RTP is the return to the player on the wagered amount when they win the bet and house edge is the commission taken by the live casino games provider from your winnings. 1XBET Casino is considered to be the best because of no commission game rooms and high RTP rates with better betting odds and types.
  • 1XBET Live dealer monitor: There are many online live casino platforms where live dealer video is not at all clear and lagging a lot. 1XBET Casino ensures that the video of the live dealer is clear and there’s no lagging in the camera while conducting the casino game.
  • 1XBET Welcome Bonus: 1XBET provides the best welcome greeting for new players from Malaysia, create your new account and make your first deposit of €10 to claim a 100% 1XBET welcome bonus of up to RM1,500. Complete 35 rollovers within 7 days.
  • 1XBET Mobile Casino: You can enjoy the 1XBET Casino with the comfort of your bed and blanket without opening your desktop. 1XBET Casino is compatible with both the devices, Android & iOS. Play on your mobile anytime anywhere you want.
  • Customer Care Services: In case of any issue with 1XBET Casino, you can connect with 1XBET Live Chat 24/7, drop a mail to 1XBET email address, or call on 1XBET helpline number to get a solution to your every 1XBET problem instantly 24/7.

6 Popular 1XBET Casino Games Providers in Malaysia

In the online gambling market, there are thousands of online gambling platforms to play online casino games, and even more, there are thousands of online casino game providers to conduct online casino games in gambling platforms. 1XBET Live Casino offers the best online casino game providers with legal licenses, less house edge, great payout, and high video quality.

1xbet gameplay interactive casino games online provider1xbet WM casino games online provider

  1. 1XLive Casino: 1XLIVE Casino is a 1XBET casino games providers at 1XBET betting site by 1XBET betting site and for 1XBET betting players only. It offers every online casino game you can think of, with minimum betting amount of RM0.1, great odds, X2 payouts, etc.
  2. Evolution: Evolution Gaming Club is top-notch online live casino games provider in Malaysia with minimal betting limit and extensive range of live casino games. Evolution offers best video live casino games quality with no lagging and no commission on winnings.
  3. Gameplay Interactive: Gameplay Interactive aims to provide an interactive gambling session for all online players in Malaysia, it ensures high-quality video gambling without lagging at 1XBET, offering the most popular online gambling games like baccarat, blackjack, sic bo, etc.
  4. Pragmatic Play: Pragmatic Play is one of Malaysia’s most popular online live casino game providers due to its incredible odds, payout, and house edge. Play baccarat, poker, blackjack, dragon tiger, and many more online live casino games at 1XBET Casino with Pragmatic play.
  5. Ezugi Club: Ezugi Club has been conducting online gambling games for Malaysian players at the 1XBET Casino site for more than a decade now. Play every live casino game you can think of by Ezugi Club with live dealer monitor and high video quality to ensure.
  6. WM Casino: WM Casino Club is a new emerging club in Malaysia, it has gained immense popularity for its odds, gameplay, betting options, and RTP rates among the online live casino players in Malaysia. It offers popular 1XBET casino games like baccarat and blackjack

6 Most Played 1XBET Live Casino Games

Among hundreds of online casino games in Malaysia, these 6 online casino games shine the brightest. You can play any game you want at 1XBET Casino but you must play these 6 games in your lifetime once. Play every game and select the one that suits your style, master that particular game, and begin your journey of enjoying online casino games at 1XBET Casino.

#1. Baccarat Online

1xbet baccarat live casino games online

Minimum betting stake: RM01
Live Dealer: Live agent availableGameplay Providers: Evolution, SA Gaming, Pragmatic Play, 1XLive Casino, WM Casino, AG Gaming, Sexy Gaming, etc.
Baccarat is the most popular card casino game where 2/3 (depending on the total card value) cards are drawn to each side, Player & Banker, and whichever side gets the sum total of card value nearest to 9 wins the game. Online players have to predict the winner side of baccarat, number 9 is a natural win.

#2. Poker Online

1xbet poker online casino holdem live casino game

Minimum betting stake: RM0.1
Live Dealer: Live agent available
Gameplay Providers: 1XLive, HO Gaming, Evolution, and TVBET offer online poker gameplay at 1XBET Live Casino with RM0.1
Poker is the most skillful game of all online casino games, 2 cards are drawn to each individual and 5 community cards are drawn on the table to be shared by each player. Players have to create a stronger hand possible using either of 5 cards from 7 cards.

#3. Blackjack Online

1xbet blackjack online live casino games to play and win real money

Minimum betting stake: RM0.1
Live Dealer: Live agent available
Gameplay Providers: Asia Gaming, 1XLive, XPG, Evolution, SA Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Atmosfera, Lucky Streak,  TVBET, etc.
Blackjack is an extended version of Baccarat, where the game is played against other players or live dealers. Three cards are drawn to each player and whoever gets a total card value near 21 wins the blackjack game online and gets the money. total value 21 is a natural win in blackjack and no one can defeat that.

#4. Roulette Online

1xbet roulette live casino game online for real money

Minimum betting stake: RM0.1
Live Dealer: Live agent available
Gameplay Providers: Authentic Gaming, 1XLive Casino, Ezugi Club, Lucky Streak, Evolution, etc. offer roulette online.
The roulette wheel is embedded with 36 numbers and a small ball spins inside the spinning roulette wheel, online players have to predict the number or the nature of the number on which the ball might land. Players can place bets of black/red, even/odd, small/big, etc. betting options.

#5. Sic Bo

1xbet sic bo live casino game hi-lo online games

Minimum betting stake: RM0.1
Live Dealer: Live agent available
Gameplay Providers: 1XLive Casino, SA Gaming, Ezugi Club, Pragmatic Play, WM Casino Club, and Evolution offer online sic bo.
Among all the 6 online casino games, this is the only one with dice in it. Three dice are shaken in equipment and numbers are revealed, players have to predict the nature of the three numbers on the dice or the nature of the sum total of three numbers on the dice.

#6. Dragon Tiger

1xbet dragon tiger online live casino game

Minimum betting stake: RM0.1
Live Dealer: Live agent available
Gameplay Providers: Ezugi Club, Gameplay Interactive, 1XLive Casino, Pragmatic Play, AG Asia Gaming, SuperSpade, Vivo Gaming, etc.
Dragon Tiger is a fun card game where 1 card is drawn to two sides, Dragon & Tiger, and whichever side gets the higher value card wins the game. Online players have to predict the winning side of the Dragon Tiger game. Play dragon tiger online casino game at 1XBET with a minimum betting stake of RM0.1

How to play 1XBET Live Casino games?

1XBET Casino is accessible, affordable, and available 24/7 for online players to play online casino games and win real money in less than 1 minute. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into this 2-step tutorial to access 1XBET Online Casino games. Join 1XBET online casino Malaysia today and claim a 100% welcome bonus of up to RM1,500 on the first deposit.

Step 1: Register 1XBET & select 1XBET Live Casino

  • In order to play at 1XBET Live Casino and earn money through it, you must have a 1XBET account. It is extremely simple to create a 1XBET account in Malaysia, you can do that with only 1 click. Click on ‘Registration‘ to make 1XBET Register in just one click.
  • If you already have a 1XBET account, then click on ‘Login‘ and enter your correct username and password to access the 1XBET account. Once you are in, select ‘Live Casino‘ given with other gaming products in the1XBET dashboard menubar.

Bonus: If you are creating a new account at 1XBET Casino website or if you have created the account but haven’t made your first deposit yet. Then, don’t forget to claim the 100% welcome bonus of up to RM1,500 on your first deposit at 1XBET Online Casino in Malaysia as a new member.

1xbet live casino online to play online casino games for minimum betting stake (1)

  • You will be redirected to a page where all the live casino games are available, there’s a sub-menubar in the 1XBET Live Casino page where you can see the list of all online casino games players like to play in Malaysia. Select the 1XBET Casino game you want to play.
  • As mentioned above, Baccarat is the most played and popular game in the online gambling world in Malaysia. Hence, we are selecting ‘Baccarat‘ to present an example.
  • The 1XBEt online casino games mentioned below will be filtered and all Baccarat gaming rooms will appear on your screen, select the one you want to play in.

Quick tip: There are many online casino game providers in Malaysia and the top ones are mentioned above, select the one with the least house edge, most payouts, high odds, and is reputable. We recommend selecting Galaxy English Baccarat No Commission gameroom because it has 0 house edge, 11% cashback, and minimum betting stake of RM5.

Step 2: Learn the gameplay & play the Live Casino game

  • As soon as you click on the 1XBET casino gaming room you want to play in, you will be redirected to a page where online gambling is going on. You will be requested to provide a ‘Screen Name‘ for yourself. Enter alphanumeric and at least 5 characters name of your choice to start gaming in the 1XBET online casino game room.

1xbet live casino baccarat online gameplay room with no commission (1)

  • Once you are done, click on ‘Start Playing‘. If you can’t think of any screen name, you can just click on ‘Randomise’ and it will pick random characters to create a name for you.
  • Once done, you can see a live dealer on a table conducting online casino games for you. Since we chose Baccarat, we can see that there’s a Baccarat table and a live dealer conducting baccarat for us to play and win more real money.
  • Make sure to make a 1XBET Deposit in the 1XBET online casino before playing the baccarat, otherwise, you have to go back again to make a deposit and play. The minimum betting limit is RM5 in baccarat.

1xbet live casino games online baccarat game with no house edge (1)

  • 88malay Gambling Guide offers a guided tutorial of every online casino game for you to read, learn, play, and earn. Scroll the How to bet 1XBET Live Casino Games guide and locate the tutorial of the online casino game you want to learn.
  • Learn any game in 3 simple steps and even get 1XBET tips & tricks to win more real money with simple tactics by 88malay betting experts. Once you enter the gaming room, select the betting option you want to bet on and place your bets.
  • Wait for a live dealer to conduct the 1XBET online casino game for you and get the result in less than a minute. Win real money accordingly and play as long as you want.


Digitalization has brought everything to the online world, be it ordering food, groceries, paying bills, and so much more. The same impact is seen in the gambling world, whatever you could have played offline, you can play online and win even more money. One of the best platforms to play casino games online is 1XBET Live Casino, enjoy legal, safe, trustworthy, reputable, and Malaysia’s number one online live casino with a minimum betting stake of RM5. Join the 1XBET online casino & win a 100% welcome promotional deal of up to RM1,500 on the first deposit in 1XBET Live Casino.