Join 1XBET Affiliate Program – Promote it & get 40% Revenue

Create a free 1XBET affiliate account to join the 1XBET Affiliate Program right now! With 88malay instructions, 1XBET affiliates can earn up to 40% commission.

1XBET Affiliate Program 1XBET Partners Earn 40% Commission

One of the greatest and most reliable websites for online betting games is 1XBET, as it is well known. Here, you can select from the 1XBET sportsbook and 1XBET games to have endless amusement on the internet. This is also the reason that a large number of individuals—roughly 20,000 affiliates as of now—have applied to become 1XBET affiliate partners over the years. Thus, just follow the guidelines below to sign up for the 1XBET Affiliate program in a matter of minutes!

About the Affiliate Programme at 1XBET

For numerous reasons, the 1XBET Affiliate program is among the best offers available right now if you want to make a tonne of money. This well-known betting website is among the simplest to advertise and generate income online through various channels, with the 1XBET team offering up to 40% commission income in return. It only takes 4 easy steps to become a member of the 1XBET affiliate marketing program and earn up to 40% of the business’s net worth!

1xbet affiliate program account register with 88malay guide

  • Join: One of the easiest things you can do in a matter of minutes is to become a member of the 1XBET Affiliate program. After completing the 1XBET Registration on the affiliate website, you will need to wait a few hours to be accepted before receiving an affiliate link.
  • Encourage: After that, you’ll need to use a variety of strategies to advertise the 1XBET website on your own platform. As one of the leading brands in this area already, 1XBET is a competitive brand, making it very easy to promote the 1XBET website as an affiliate partner. In addition, the 1XBET website will offer you complete assistance in spreading the word about this brand.
  • Earn: You have to persuade people to sign up and play at 1XBET’s products using your 1XBET affiliate marketing link in order to get paid when you promote the brand. More money will be earned under your link as more people sign up using your 1XBET affiliate program link. To effectively promote the 1XBET Casino website, make sure to utilize the 1XBET Affiliate marketing links carefully.
  • Withdraw: You may effortlessly make a 1XBET Withdrawal from your affiliate account to your own bank account using more than 20 different methods, so you can fully take advantage of the advantages of signing up for the 1XBET affiliate program. One of the best deals in affiliate marketing is that 1XBET affiliate marketing allows you to take up to 40% of the revenue generated by the website.

In just three easy actions, become a 1XBET affiliate partner

As was already mentioned, joining the 1XBET Affiliate Programme only requires you to follow three easy actions in order to become an affiliate partner. To improve website promotion, you may really register for an account on 1XBET, choose to accept the 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia bonus offer, and test out the 1XBET dashboard items for yourself.

Step 1: Click the 1XBET affiliate link to create an account

Creating an account in the register is the first step in joining the 1XBET affiliate marketing program.

1xbet affiliate program account register step 1

You must go to the bottom of the 1XBET homepage on the official 1XBET Malaysia website in order to achieve this. After that, in order to view the 1XBET Affiliate program website, you need to click the ‘Combined Programme‘ button.

1xbet affiliate program account register step 2

The ‘Become an Affiliate‘ button must be clicked when you reach the 1XBET Affiliate program page in order to access the form, which you must then complete as per the instructions below.

Step 2: Complete the necessary fields to open an affiliate account with 1XBET

After completing the aforementioned procedures, you must enter your information in the form below to create a 1XBET Affiliate account. This needs to be done precisely because the 1XBET personnel will verify these details in order to successfully create a 1XBET Affiliate ID for you.

1xbet affiliate program account register step 3

Username and Password

  • Login name: To access your 1XBET Affiliate account ID, you must first input a distinct 1XBET login. For security and verification reasons, this needs to have a name that is similar to your legal name. Additionally, this ought to be space-free and alphanumerical.
  • Password and Confirmation: After finishing, type in a strong, alphanumeric password that also includes certain characters. After that, save your password for an instantaneous browser login and enter it again for confirmation.

Contact Information

  • Name and Surname: For security and verification reasons, you must provide your name and surname in the following section exactly as they appear on your legal documents.
  • Email Id: Next, provide an email address. It is best to use one that is active for business purposes as the 1XBET staff will be sending you crucial updates at this address.
  • Messenger ID: Choose a type of messenger and then type your username next to it to create a Messenger ID as an alternative to getting crucial information about your 1XBET affiliate account and more.

Step 3: Fill out the remaining information and create an affiliate account with 1XBET

You have to fill out the 1XBET Affiliate account registration form and provide further information in the last stage of this guide. Please input the details accurately as they are just as crucial as the ones you have filled in above.

1xbet affiliate program account register step 4

Additional Information

  • Site Information: You must first input the domain name of your website along with its category, language, and the specifics of how you found the 1XBET website.
  • Country: The name of the nation from where you will be marketing 1XBET products, or the nation in which your website will be hosted, should be entered in the following field.
  • After that, enter your working phone number. This number will be used to verify your OTP and to send you critical notifications about 1XBET related to your account.
  • Payment details for 1XBET affiliates: Finally, use the drop-down menu to choose your favorite 1XBET affiliate payment option. When you do this, 1XBET will be able to deposit your 1XBET affiliate payout straight to the account of your choice whenever you withdraw your revenue earnings.

After that, carefully read the terms and conditions for 1XBET Affiliates, and then tick the box to agree to them. After that, click the “Register” button, and the page will reload with the steps needed to create an account with 1XBET Affiliates displayed. Along with your 1XBET affiliate link, which you may use to advertise the 1XBET sportsbook, casino games, and other goods and services, you will also receive your confirmation email within 48 hours.

1xbet affiliate program account register step 5

The advantages of signing up as an affiliate for 1XBET

Joining the 1XBET Affiliate program has several advantages, but some of them are listed below that you should absolutely be aware of. One of the most trustworthy and competitive websites offering online betting game items is Therefore, joining the 1XBET Affiliate program is something you won’t regret.

1xbet affiliate program account register with terms and conditions explained

  1. Up to 40% in earnings can be earned while relaxing at home with the 1XBET affiliate program. To promote the brand on your own web platforms, all you have to do is register and create an account with 1XBET Affiliate. In this sense, you will make more money the more people you persuade to sign up for 1XBET.
  2. Practical marketing instruments: For website promotion, the 1XBET Affiliate Marketing tools are quite beneficial. As a matter of fact, 7 lakh clients use 1XBET items, making the brand’s products itself famous. However, you may improve your marketing even further with banners, informative blogs, and other resources.
  3. Simple-to-use affiliate dashboard: Another thing you’ll notice when you sign up for the 1XBET Affiliate program is the benefits of your dashboard as a 1XBET affiliate partner. Here, you can use the charts to monitor your traffic and revenue. You can also get dashboard reports that will help you grow your audience and increase money.
  4. Beneficial 1XBET customer service: The customer care services provided by 1XBET, which are exclusive to 1XBET Affiliate accounts, are nearly always given precedence to affiliate members. Also, via the many contact options available on the affiliate website, contacting 1XBET Affiliates customer support is simple.
  5. Simple marketing with a brand name: Finally, as many online bettors are already familiar with 1XBET Sportsbook and 1XBET Casino offerings, you can quickly market the website by choosing to promote them. So, all things considered, 1XBET Affiliate Marketing is quite easy to do.

Terms and Conditions for 1XBET Affiliates to follow

It’s crucial to keep in mind that, despite the fact that 1XBET Affiliate marketing is easy to do with the resources available to you as a 1XBET Affiliate Partner, there are some 1XBET Affiliate terms and conditions that you have to follow in order to guarantee a fruitful connection between the website and your end. Here are some key terms and conditions related to 1XBET affiliates that you should be aware of.

1xbet affiliate program account register with 88malay tutorial

  • You must be 10 years old or older to sign up for and participate in the 1XBET Affiliate program. If this requirement is not met, 1XBET reserves the right to reject or withhold the 1XBET Affiliate money you have earned.
  • Any missing data, login credentials, or other critical information from your end is not the responsibility of the 1XBET team.
  • The terms and conditions for 1XBET Affiliates are subject to change at any moment and without previous notice. As a result, the affiliate needs to be sure to periodically review the agreement to look for any changes.
  • Affiliates are required to provide 1XBET with reliable traffic data, and they will be held accountable if they fail to do so.
  • You are not allowed to advertise 1XBET or its goods and services, either online or offline, in nations where gambling is illegal.
  • The affiliate is required to properly market the website using the information provided and to refrain from misusing it. Furthermore, because copyright laws may apply, the affiliate’s website cannot be an exact replica of the 1XBET website.

The top 3 crucial 1XBET Affiliate marketing FAQs that you should be aware of

Let’s now discuss the three crucial questions that each and every 1XBET Affiliate partner needs to be able to answer in this area. You will then be able to carry out the 1XBET affiliate account creation process to promote the 1XBET Sportsbook, Casino, and other gaming products. After reading this, you will know nearly everything there is to know about the 1XBET Affiliate program.

1xbet affiliate program account register with benefits explained

Go to the 1XBET Affiliate Programme page to obtain comprehensive blog instructions.

1. Is it free to sign up as an associate partner with 1XBET?

Yes, you can become a 1XBET Affiliate partner for free. All you have to do is fill out the 1XBET Affiliate account form with your information, and there are no fees involved. To advertise the 1XBET website, you might have to pay for your own domain or platform.

2. As an affiliate partner of 1XBET, how will I be compensated?

You must take out money from your account and deposit it into your bank account in order to receive your 1XBET Affiliate payment from the website. Here, you may choose from over 200 different payment options across roughly 62 different countries to make 1XBET withdrawals.

3. Can I advertise 1XBET across several platforms?

Indeed, you may advertise the 1XBET website using a variety of channels, including emails, social media accounts, WordPress blogs, and more. For additional information about this and other 1XBET Affiliate links you can use to advertise the website’s name, goods, and services, get in touch with 1XBET Affiliate customer support.


All of this has to do with the 1XBET Affiliate Program, which is among the greatest ways to make money online from one of the biggest online sportsbooks. Try this fantastic company; you can make up to 40% commissions from the brand’s sales that originate from you. You can effortlessly promote the brand and product to make more and more every day by using the 1XBET Affiliate marketing goods. But first, register for a 1XBET account to test out 1XBET affiliate marketing right now!