1XBET Withdrawal Malaysia – How to withdraw money from 1XBET

3-step guide to 1XBET Withdrawal Malaysia: 1. Select your preferred method depending on limit & time 2. Fill out details & submit 3. Cash out to your bank account.

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Online transaction these days are both efficient yet risky and thus, when it comes to playing fun games online it is always important to choose a website that provides you with top-notch games and trusted withdrawal options. When you look for such a site on the internet, then the first thing will come to mind is the all-rounder website 1XBET, and this is all thanks to the 1XBET withdrawal Malaysia methods mentioned below which takes up less 1XBET withdrawal time for smoother transactions compared to other websites!

5 Secure 1XBET Withdrawal Malaysia methods

The 1XBET website is known to be beneficial to beginners and pros thanks to many promotions, games, and services the company offers its customers. Making 1XBET deposits to access and play these games is extremely easy, and so is the how to withdraw money from 1XBET process.

To make withdrawals from the 1XBET website, there are 5 most trusted and used methods in Malaysia. Here, let us look at the 5 methods all of which take limited 1XBET withdrawal time for successful 1XBET Withdrawal Malaysia transactions online.

#1. e-Wallet

Minimum Amount: RM10
Maximum Amount: RM19,147.65

88malay 1xbet withdrawal ewallet withdrawal method

First is the e-Wallet method to make instant 1XBET withdrawals using apps like WebMoney, Skrill, Astropay, JetonPay, SticPay, iWallet, Perfect Pay, etc.

#2. Payment Systems

Minimum Amount: RM5.02
Maximum Amount: N/A

88malay 1xbet withdrawal payment systems withdrawal method

Another way to make instant 1XBET withdrawals is by using the 1XBET payment systems app. Here you get to use ecoPayz, Payeer, Neteller, etc.

#3. Internet Banking

Minimum Amount: RM50
Maximum Amount: RM30,000.00

88malay 1xbet withdrawal internet banking withdrawal method

The next 1XBET withdrawal method is the 1XBET withdrawal Malaysia internet banking method via bank transfer which let’s you make direct bank withdrawals.

#4. Bank transfer

Minimum Amount: RM5.02
Maximum Amount: N/A

88malay 1xbet withdrawal bank transfer withdrawal method

Another way to make instant 1XBET withdrawals is by using the 1XBET payment systems app. Here you get to use ecoPayz, Payeer, Neteller, etc.

#4. Cryptocurrency

Minimum Amount: N/A
Maximum Amount: N/A

88malay 1xbet withdrawal cryptocurrency withdrawal method

Lastly, using your cryptocurrency wallet, you can make deposit, play, and make 1XBET withdrawals using crypto coins from the website to your crypto account.

Note: With all these popular 1XBET withdrawal Malaysia methods, you must be wondering if they have withdrawal fees. The answer to this is no, there are no withdrawal fees to make 1XBET withdrawals. However, there are rollover conditions, which are stated below in the 1XBET withdrawal terms and conditions requirements section, that you must complete for a successful 1XBET withdrawal Malaysia.

How to make 1XBET withdrawal in 3 easy steps?

Now that you have learnt about the top 5 1XBET withdrawal methods, let us take you through a simple tutorial of how to withdraw money from 1XBET from your account. For this, you can claim the 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia bonus of up to RM6,800 to make huge 1XBET withdrawal Malaysia of that amount.

Step 1: Log into 1XBET website and click on Withdrawal

  • The first thing you must do to learn how to withdraw money from 1XBET is visit the official 1XBET website and log into your account by clicking on ‘Log In‘ and entering your login credentials.
  • If you do not own a 1XBET account, then you can click on the ‘Registration‘ option and fill out the form accurately.

88malay 1xbet withdrawal methods tutorial step 1

  • Once done logging in or making a 1XBET Registration you must deposit and play the games to win payouts to make withdrawals. For that, you should click on the ‘Profile icon‘ on the top right corner of your page.
  • From here, click on the ‘Withdrawal of Funds‘ option and move on to the next step to make a successful 1XBET withdrawal Malaysia.

Step 2: Select your preferred 1XBET withdrawal method

In step number two of this how to withdraw from 1XBET, you will find yourself on the page with all of the 1XBET withdrawal methods that you can choose from to make a withdrawal.

88malay 1xbet withdrawal methods tutorial step 2

  • What is even better is the fact that the 1XBET withdrawal methods are almost the same as the 1XBET Deposit methods which makes this betting site even more reliable.
  • So, from all these options, Click on your preferred 1XBET withdrawal method and move on to the final step.
  • We recommend selecting any one of the two options from the recommended method section which are the Internet Banking and Bank Transfer Help2Pay options as these are the most used and trusted methods by Malaysian players on the website.
  • From these for this how to withdraw from 1XBET tutorial, we will go ahead with the Internet Banking option as you can complete the withdrawal process online.

Step 3: Fill Out the form and send a withdrawal request

In the final section of this article, all you must do is fill out the form and send in a withdrawal request to 1XBET and wait for confirmation to finally go ahead and receive the withdrawn amount in your personal bank account. For this, you will have to enter the basic details like mentioned below.

88malay 1xbet withdrawal methods tutorial step 3

  • Withdrawal Amount: Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your wallet keeping the minimum and maximum 1XBET withdrawal limit in mind.
  • Name and Surname: Enter your name and surname as it is in your bank account to avoid any identification problems.
  • Bank: From the drop-down menu, select your bank name by clicking on it.
  • Account Number: Lastly, enter your bank account number carefully to complete the form.

Once you have completed filling out the 1XBET withdrawal form, you must click on the ‘Definitely‘ button to send in the request. If you have met all the 1XBET withdrawal terms and conditions then within 24 hours, you should get a confirmation in your 1XBET notification or verified email address or phone number about a successful withdrawal.

Top 5 requirements to keep in mind for a successful 1XBET withdrawal

1XBET is known to be one of the best websites to use as a beginner or pros because of its smooth interface that makes gaming sessions always entertaining. But to ensure everything is smooth about the website on your end, be sure to read these 5 1XBET withdrawal terms and conditions to make a successful 1XBET withdrawal every time.

88malay 1xbet withdrawal methods terms and conditions explained

  1. 1XBET Rollover terms: 1XBET withdrawal Malaysia has a rollover requirement of at least 1 time which means that you must rollover the deposited money at least once before making a withdrawal. However, the minimum limit must be met as well.
  2. 1XBET withdrawal time taken: Next, is the 1XBET withdrawal time taken on the website which varies depending on the method used. It is important to keep in mind that 1XBET withdrawal time is instantly or 24 to 48 hours.
  3. 1XBET withdrawal limit per transaction: Another important thing to keep in mind is the maximum 1XBET withdrawal limit which means that per transaction using any of the methods, there is a limit to how much you can withdraw.
  4. 1XBET withdrawal limit per day: Just like the 1XBET withdrawal limit per transaction, there are individual withdrawal limits that you should keep in mind when making withdrawals online these often range from RM10,000 to
  5. Identification for 1XBET Withdrawal Malaysia: Last but not least, 1XBET may require you to identify your account for making 1XBET withdrawal Malaysia. This often means that you will have to reenter your password or send in documents to confirm identity. Verifying your account details is also extremely important when using the 1XBET website for making successful withdrawals.


This was all about the 1XBET Withdrawal methods, and tutorial by 88malay experts. Join the 1XBET website today, which is Asia’s no.1 trusted site, and make deposits to game for huge withdrawals using any of the popular and trusted methods in Malaysia. Log in now as a new member and claim up to RM6,800 on your first deposit to game on this all-rounder site to your heart’s content!