How to win Football Betting: Top 10 Strategies for Beginners

Top 10 How to win Football Betting Strategies & advice for beginners. By using football betting tips from 88malay, you can increase your winning chances by 98%.

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The tension of the game can be increased by online football betting, but losing money is never enjoyable. To answer that, let’s examine the top ten football betting strategies that will provide large payoff returns. Make sure to read all the way through for tried-and-true, beginner-friendly betting techniques and advice that can help you win big on every football wager you place with reputable online bookmakers like 1XBET Malaysia!

How to win Football Betting - Before you play, make a pre-planned

1. Before you play, make a pre-planned bankroll betting strategy

  • When playing football betting games online, it’s critical to manage your bankroll by sticking to a pre-established betting plan and utilising some of the best free football betting advice available.
  • If this betting strategy is progressive, you may need to progressively raise or lower your bets in response to wins and losses.
  • If not, betting stakes may be non-progressive, allowing them to be kept steady for an extended length of time in order to progressively make money.

2. In order to generate fast cash, gradually raise your wagers

  • The progressive betting approach is one of your free football betting tips and tricks if you like fast results from your bets, especially for different leagues.
  • Remembering that progressive betting methods may be quite costly is why we advise sticking to low-risk strategies like the D’Alembert method, which is among the greatest beginner football betting advice out there.
  • In order to get a portion of the lost betting stakes as part of the payment when using the D’Alembert method, you must wager by increasing one unit on lost.In order to generate fast cash, gradually raise your wagers

3. Utilise the stat data displays that the sportsbook provides

  • You may get up-to-date statistical data charts, which are essential for placing precise bets, by using reputable online betting providers like 1XBET.
  • These statistical data charts, which provide a wealth of information about the teams’ previous game performance, make it simple to determine who is superior.
  • Additionally, you can evaluate every betting option accurately and practically instantly by using the data from these years, which will raise your odds of winning.

4. Reduce the odds to help you make wise wagers

  • Another useful free football betting tip and strategy is to base the majority of your bets on the betting options with the lowest odds in order to help you make informed betting judgments.
  • This is because bettors who take smaller risks at better odds have a higher probability of winning rapidly, which means their payout will be smaller than that of higher risk-takers.
  • However, since winning something is better than winning nothing at all, it is wiser to gamble on lower odds than to risk higher ones. Get the most recent 1XBET Odds on the biggest football games of the day by registering with 1XBET!

Reduce the odds to help you make wise wagers

5. Bet on both teams at betting sites that accept such wagers

  • Selecting between two stronger teams that are battling could be challenging when it comes to betting on alternatives like match-winner bets.
  • As such, using betting choices such as the Over and Under bets, which allow you to wager on both teams instead of just one, is one of our advice for novice football bettors.
  • You must anticipate the combined score of both teams at halftime or full-time in order to place an over/under or O/U wager. However, these bets further offer individual O/U scores, negating the need to compare two teams.

6. Use the 1-2 sub-bet when placing a wager on Double Chance

  • The Double Chance bet is a side wager in football betting that entails selecting two of the three possible outcomes of a typical match. For novices, this is among the greatest free football betting advices available.
  • There are sub-bets available on team 1 winning or there to be a tie, team 2 winning or there to be a win, and team 1 winning or team 2 winning.
  • Using the final sub-bet to anticipate which of the two teams will win is the key to winning football wagers with ease.

Use the 1-2 sub-bet when placing a wager on Double Chance

7. When making a 1X2 wager, use the handicap conditions to determine who will win the match

  • Did you realize that you could predict match winners with ease using the handicap conditions? Yes, it can, and if you bet on 1XBET Football online in particular, you should take advantage of this as a football-winning strategy.
  • In order to balance the playing field, handicap situations provide the weaker teams an advantage over the stronger teams. This implies that the handicapped squad will undoubtedly win the 1X2 wager.
  • One of your beginner’s football betting tips should be to keep an eye on the goal differential between the handicap conditions and the betting odds in order to improve observations for wise wagering choices.

8. Avoid Parley’s bets if you’re a novice

  • When playing football online, there are lots of entertaining betting possibilities accessible. This brings us to one of the most crucial pieces of advice for football bettors: remember that not all betting options must be used.
  • One such betting option is Parley, which mixes multiple betting options into a single wager to provide better payout returns in an interesting manner.
  • Therefore, keeping in mind that larger odds entail larger investments is one of the football betting methods. Therefore, because the parley bet depends on the result of each betting scenario, even if you stand to gain more, your chances of winning are reduced.

Avoid Parley's bets if you're a novice

9. Make use of any sportsbook bonuses to increase the balance in your account

  • Using any offer that sportsbooks make is one of the best free football betting strategies and ideas that you should employ. Online betting can be enjoyable if you win more and lose less of your own money.
  • Utilizing these deals should be a component of your high success rate football betting tips strategy. Usually, bookmakers extend these deals to new customers as welcome bonuses that they can apply to their initial deposits.
  • As an example, 1XBET offers you a welcome bonus of RM500 on your first deposit when you use their 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia.

10. Keep yourself informed about football outside of the sportsbook

  • Last but not least, one piece of football wagering advice is to keep up with what’s going on in football wagering outside of the sportsbook.
  • This means that in addition to the well-known and well-liked games, you need also be aware of the team members, the teams that are shifting which players to which teams, and other crucial details that affect the teams’ total performance.
  • This can help you predict the outcome of a football game more accurately based on the teams, players, statistics, scores, past performances, injuries, and a host of other minor details.

Keep yourself informed about football outside of the sportsbook


If you bet on major league football, these ten free how to win football betting tactics can make sure you are paid more. When possible, select helpful sports betting websites. One such website is 1XBET, a sportsbook that offers incentives to members in the form of rebates. Visit the 1XBET website right now to see our tried-and-true football betting strategies with a high success record. You can win large on well-liked football games in the future’s top football leagues by using these tactics.