8 1XBET VIP tips to earn points & get up to 11% in cashback!

Adopt these 8 effective 1XBET VIP Tips to increase your VIP status and win 1000+ Experience points daily. Use D’Alembert, Martingale, etc. to earn 11% cashback.

1XBET Casino Online 1XBET VIP Levels 1XBET Bonus RM6800

On the 1XBET website, you may play over 100 exciting games with a minimum betting rate of just RM0.01, making gaming fun! There’s more to this, too, because placing bets on these games can help you increase your Experience Points (EXP) total and elevate your 1XBET VIP status from Copper to the VIP tier. Since €1 equals 100 experience points at 1XBET, obtaining these as an official member is very easy when using the 1XBET VIP Tips shown below.

1xbet vip tips - use progressive betting methods

As a new member, you can earn larger cashback rates by accruing more EXP on losing bets. Once you reach the VIP level, you can earn cashback on all bets placed on 1XBET Casino games. Therefore, pay attention to these 10 professional 1XBET VIP strategies to quickly increase your cashback to 11% and make sure you continue earning Experience Points from playing casino games!

1. To gain extra experience points, use progressive betting methods

  • Using progressive betting systems, which allow you to adjust your wagering amounts in response to your wins and losses in the game rooms, is the first and most beneficial of all 1XBET VIP Tips & Tricks.
  • One of your 1XBET Tips for progressive systems is to adjust your wagering amount according to each round’s results in order to either keep your account wallet full or recover a portion of your lost stakes as part of the payment.
  • Progressive systems let you adjust your bet size during gameplay, so you may easily wager more to gain experience points and eventually increase your cashback percentage.

2. For financial gains, use the Martingale betting method to high roll

  • There are numerous progressive betting systems available in the betting industry. The Martingale betting strategy is one of the most well-known 1XBET VIP Tips for betting systems and is used by many players, both novice and expert, to increase their winnings.
  • In order to recover your lost stakes as part of the payout returns on the winning wager, the Martingale strategy requires you to double your stakes following a losing round and keep your stakes the same following a winning round.
  • In order to make better use of your bankroll, there are reverse Martingale tactics that require you to retain your wagering amount when you lose a bet and boost it when you win one.

1xbet vip tips - Martingale betting method to high roll

3. Use the low-risk D’Alembert technique to keep your cash intact

  • One of the best 1XBET VIP tips for managing your bankroll and making money is the D’Alembert strategy, which you can use if the Martingale system appears too complicated.
  • When using the D’Alembert method to wager in gaming rooms, you should bet one unit more after a losing round and one unit less after a winning one.
  • In this manner, a portion of your lost stakes will be included in your payouts, giving you the opportunity to earn more experience points in addition to earnings.

4. Play games periodically using the Ladder betting system

  • Try the easiest ladder betting system in the game room if you’re not a fan of betting systems even if they seem like one of the best 1XBET VIP Tips to get experience points.
  • In order to gain experience points on losing bets and profit from winning bet payouts, the ladder system requires you to raise your wagering stakes after winning a bet and maintain them after losing a bet in the gaming room.
  • The ladder betting method can be used at various points during the betting round. For example, you could use the ladder system for 20 game rounds, then save whatever profits you make to play and win for the next 20 game rounds.

1xbet vip tips - D'Alembert technique

5. Increase your wagering on slots to gain experience points faster

  • We advise you to bet on games with more betting rounds as part of your 1XBET VIP tips in order to quickly accrue more gaming experience points in order to acquire 1XBET Experience Points for the 1XBET VIP level.
  • For this reason, you ought to play more of the slot machines at 1XBET casino in order to increase your experience points balance in your account wallet in addition to receiving large prizes for your winning wagers.
  • You may practise these 1XBET VIP tips by accessing and playing any of the more than 100 1XBET Slot games for free in their free demo rooms or as a member on the website.

6. Utilise 1XBET promos to increase the amount of money in your account wallet

  • As one of your 1XBET VIP tips, we advise you to take advantage of the 1XBET Promotions in order to play more games and have a sizeable bankroll that allows you to wager online.
  • When you make a minimum deposit, 1XBET promotion bonuses are a terrific method to increase the amount of money in your account wallet without having to spend a lot of money out of your own pocket.
  • For example, when you make your first four deposits on casino games as a new user, you can get up to RM6800 in bonuses with the 1XBET promo code Malaysia.

1xbet vip tips - 1XBET promos to increase the amount of money

7. Respect 1XBET’s member terms to prevent termination

  • One of the most crucial 1XBET VIP recommendations is to constantly play it safe by closely observing the 1XBET terms and conditions during the 1XBET VIP advancement.
  • In addition, it is crucial to abide by the general terms and conditions for 1XBET members on the primary account in order to prevent fraudulent activity, which could result in the termination of your VIP status or the suspension of your account.
  • Another crucial component of this 1XBET VIP tip is to stay current with the terms and conditions. This is because the 1XBET website frequently modifies both its terms and itself based on user preferences.

8. Maintain a separate bankroll for online gaming by employing budgeting techniques

  • Finally, you should keep your bankroll well-maintained and distinct from the money you use for daily expenses. Budgeting tools can help you with this.
  • You can enjoy enjoyable and responsible online gaming experiences by using budgeting techniques that allow you to allocate money equitably between requirements and wants.
  • In order to bet online more responsibly, you may also set loss limits for your gaming sessions and earn experience points in the game rooms when you lose bets.

1xbet vip tips - Maintain a separate bankroll


These were the top 8 1XBET VIP Tips that you may use in the casino area of 1XBET to quickly raise your VIP account levels and receive fantastic cashback advantages. Having said that, the greatest ways to keep a healthy quantity in your bankroll are by budgeting, promotion offers, and betting methods. In order to gain more experience points on your account more rapidly, keep in mind to play fast-paced games with enjoyable gameplay and affordable costs. Finally, use caution when placing bets by adhering to the website’s member terms and conditions to prevent suspension or termination, which could result in the loss of all of your points.