22BET vs 1XBET – Which one is better? Comparison by 88malay

22BET vs 1XBET: Read this detailed 1XBET and 22BET comparison review by 88malay to learn about benefits + promotion offers of the top betting sites in Malaysia!

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Is 22BET same as 1XBET?

Online betting by playing fun casino games or wagering on your favorite sports is now become an increasing entertainment form that appeals to many people across the globe. However, choosing the correct platform for endless entertaining gaming sessions is extremely crucial. This is why you should only go for top online betting sites like 1XBET or 22BET. But is 1XBET and 22BET the same? If not which one of the two betting platforms is the best for you?

22bet vs 1xbet comparison 1xbet malaysia review

To know more, scroll down and read this 22BET vs 1XBET comparison by 88malay. The 22BET website is one of the most popular betting sites on the internet and so is the 1XBET website. No matter which of these betting sites you choose, entertainment is guaranteed, and so are extravagant bonus offers. However, it is always important to go for the betting site that caters to your needs as well. For this, we have a detailed 22BET vs 1XBET comparison given below where we look into 8 important categories of both websites.

1. Legality and security of 22BET and 1XBET

The first category that we will look into when it comes to the 22BET vs 1XBET websites is the legality of the sites. Moreover, we will also look into the website’s security protection which ensures safe gaming online. Here you will also gain insights on the founding year of the website and who owns and operates the top 2 betting sites in the world. All these information can help you make better decisions when it comes to making a 22BET registration or 1XBET Registration online.

22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 22bet and 1xbet license

22BET Malaysia online gaming platform 1XBET Malaysia online gaming platform 
Founding Year: 2018 Founding Year: 2007
👨‍💼 Owners: Marikit Holdings Casinos 👨‍💼 Owners: Roman Semiohin and Sergei Karshukov
📜 License Provider: Antillephone License Validation 📜 License Provider: CURACAO E-Gaming License
🔐 Website Security: R3, Let’s Encrypt 🔐 Website Security: GTS CA 1P5, Google Trust Services LLC

2. Promotion bonuses at 22BET and 1XBET

The next and most important criterion for comparing the 22BET vs 1XBET websites here are the promotion bonuses it has to offer its customers. One of the most beneficial aspects of both betting sites is the promotion offer it gives its members as a welcome bonus on their first deposit. Thus, based on your gaming style you can choose the website promotion offer that appeals to you the most from the two.

22BET welcome bonus 1XBET welcome bonus
22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 22bet promotion 22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 1xbet promotion
Description: At 22BET, you can get the chance to claim any one of the 2 most extravagant bonus offers on your first deposit as a welcome bonus. Here you get 100% up to RM600 on sportsbook products and also a 100% up to RM1500 on casino products. Description: As a 1XBET member, you can claim a 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia bonus of 100% up to RM500 on sportsbook on your first deposit or a 100% up to RM6800 + extra 150 Free Spins Casino bonus up to your fourth deposit (100% up to €300 on first deposit).
Minimum Deposit: RM5 for Sports and Casino bonuses
Minimum Deposit: RM10 for Sportsbook bonus and €10 for Casino bonus
Rollover Requirement: 5 times for Sportsbook bonus and 50 times for casino bonus
Rollover Requirement: 5 times for Sportsbook bonus and 35 times for Casino bonus

3. 22BET vs 1XBET Sportsbook comparison

The next important category that we will look into are the dashboard products of the 22BET and 1XBET website, and we will start by looking into the 22BET vs 1XBET Sportsbook comparison as sportsbook products are one of the most used products on online betting sites.

22BET Sportsbook 1XBET Sportsbook
22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 22bet sportsbook 22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 1xbet sportsbook

Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.1-RM1

  • The 22BET sportsbook is considered to provide members with one of the best betting experiences on the platform with minimum betting rates starting from RM0.1 only. Here you get good filtering options that make finding your preferred match easier to wager on.
  • Overall, the 22BET sportsbook provides bettors to game on the same interface as the 1XBET sportsbook, however, here you get separate tabs for statistical charts and at a glance, the 22BET sportsbook seems to be more organized than the 1XBET sportsbook.
  • There are 3 sportsbooks at 22BET, for early betting, live betting, and also ESports betting, which all offer live streaming services and up to date betting odds and updates.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.1-RM1

  • The online betting 1XBET Sportsbook bookie is easy to use and has a very similar user interface to the 22BET sportsbook. Here you get to wager online with minimum betting stakes starting from RM0.1 or RM 1 only making it extremely pocket-friendly to use.
  • The 1XBET Sportsbook may seem difficult to understand as the font of the given odds and betting options may seem off. Eventually, you will notice that this website is also super easy to use as a beginner thanks to the filtering options.
  • The 1XBET Sports section has 3 different sportsbooks, for normal betting, accumulator betting, and ESports betting which you can access to play.

4. Live Casino comparison of 22BET vs 1XBET

Moving on, let us now look into the 22BET vs 1XBET comparison for their live casino and casino gaming products. Just like the sportsbooks, the 1XBET Live Casino and 22BET casino user interface is very similar, but depending on your preference you can choose from any one of the two online betting site’s live casino gaming products for guaranteed online entertaining sessions.

22BET Live Casino 1XBET Live Casino
22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 22bet casino 22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 1xbet casino

Minimum Betting Rate: RM1-RM5

  • Playing Live Casino games online at 22BET is simple thanks to not only the simple user-friendly interface but also the pocket-friendly gaming products on the website.
  • Here you get to game online on classic casino games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, etc. in game rooms provided by top game room providers in the betting world.
  • Some of these game room providers include Evolution, SwinttLive, ElCasino, and many more which you can access using the 22BET casino filter options.

Minimum Betting Rate: RM1-RM5

  • Just like the 22BET casino, the 1XBET Live Casino gaming products are worth every penny you deposit on the 1XBET website as a member thanks to its simple interface.
  • Here for lower reasonable prices, you can find many entertaining games that you can choose from using the filtering options, which also include slot jackpot games.
  • All of these games are provided by top gameroom providers like Gameplay Interactive, Pragmatic Play, Evolution, and 1XLive, 1XBET’s very own provider.

5. Other gaming products offered by 22BET and 1XBET

When it comes to gaming on the 22BET vs 1XBET website, something we have mentioned time and again is the fact that there is an opportunity to experience endless entertainment online. This is all thanks to the other gaming products you can find on these top websites which surprisingly also come with free demo rooms that you can access. Let us now take a look at some of the dashboard products in this 22BET vs 1XBET article.

22BET dashboard products 1XBET dashboard products
22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 22bet gaming products 22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 1xbet gaming products

Free Demo: Available

Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.1-RM1

Products: 22Games, Hunting and Fishing, Bingo, TV Games, etc.

Looking at the products from the 22BET website, one may even wonder whether the is 22BET same as 1XBET. The 22BET gaming products that fall under the 22Games, Hunting and Fishing, TV games, Jackpot slot games, etc, are mostly similar to the ones offered on the 1XBET website. So here no matter which game you decide to go with, entertainment is guaranteed, as you can play with real money or in the free demo rooms.

Free Demo: Available

Minimum Betting Rate: RM0.1-RM1

Products: 1XBET 1XGames, Hunting and Fishing, Bingo, TV Games, Lottery Games, Number Games, TOTO, etc.

As stated, the user interface for the gaming products, besides the 1XBET sportsbook and casino, is very similar to the products offered by the 22BET website. Here you get similar game rooms for playing Jackpot slots, TV Games, Hunting and Fishing games, and many more games. The only difference is that 1XBET has more gaming products compared to those at 22BET.

6. Transaction types of 22BET and 1XBET

Getting to the next important aspect of gaming on any online betting site, let us now compare the transaction processes available on the 22BET vs 1XBET websites. This comparison is probably what could help you make the best decision for yourself with which website to go with as making deposits, and then withdrawals of the winning earnings is extremely important for any player online.

22BET transactions 1XBET transactions
22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 22bet transaction 22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 1xbet transaction

Minimum Amount: RM10

Maximum Amount: RM50,000

Time Taken: up to 1 hour

Methods: Visa Card, EWallet, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency


Minimum Amount: RM5-10

Maximum Amount: RM2,469,641.62

Time Taken: up to 1 hour

Methods: Cards, EWallet, Payment systems, Bank Transfer, Net Banking, Cryptocurrency


Minimum Amount: RM10

Maximum Amount: RM50,000

Time Taken: Depending on method

Methods: Ewallet, Payment systems, bank transfer, Cryptocurrency


Minimum Amount: RM5-10

Maximum Amount: depending on method

Time Taken: up to 24 hours

Methods: EWallet, Payment systems, Bank Transfer, Net Banking, Cryptocurrency

7. Mobile app offered by 22BET and 1XBET

Gaming on the go is something that happens more often these days as the world is always bustling around here and there. So if you are a bettor that likes to game on the go, then the 1XBET and 22BET websites have their very own mobile applications which you can download from the official website for free!

22BET mobile application 1XBET mobile application
22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 22bet mobile app 22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 1xbet mobile app
  • The 22BET mobile application is one of the best gaming apps you can download from the official 22BET website.
  • Here you get to game on all the 22BET products at the tip of your fingers with ease as you can play sportsbook betting, casino games, and other games as well offered by 22BET on the application.
  • There are links to download the application for both Android and iOS devices which does not take up space or time.
  • The 1XBET mobile app is equally beneficial to use as a bettor which makes gaming at all the 1XBET products an every smoother experience.
  • Here you will get all the main games by 1XBET like sportsbook, casino, and slot games, along with the other gaming products like lottery, fishing, etc. all at one place.
  • This website does not take up a lot of space and can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices within a few minutes.

8. 22BET vs 1XBET: Customer care services

Last but not least, let us look at the different ways of contacting customer care services in this 22BET vs 1XBET comparison. This is one of the important aspects that you must look into because it is important to understand that you are playing with real money here and entering your banking details to safeguard your cash earnings on your account. Thus, if anything goes wrong, you should be able to connect with the 22BET vs 1XBET Customer Care agents immediately via various means.

22BET Customer Services 1XBET Customer Services
22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 22bet cs 22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review 1xbet cs
Available Methods:  24/7 live chat service, Email address, 22BET news blog, Social Media X, Instagram, and Telegram, query/suggestion form.

The response time taken for the 22BET Customer care services to answer queries highly depend on what kind of queries you are enquiring about. For instance, if you have queries related to welcome bonuses or deposit methods, then it will be answered instantly to up to 3 minutes. However, if your queries are related to account issues, then you will have to wait for the agent to access all data before clearing any doubts.

Available Methods:  24/7 live chat service, Email address, Helpline number, Social Media Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram, query/suggestion form.

The response time taken for 1XBET is almost instant and what is even better is that it comes with AI generated responses as well to help you navigate the website by yourself. However, talking to agents via chat clears queries within a minute. There are many different methods to contact the 1XBET agent in Malaysia including an exclusive hotline telephone number for Malaysian players on the 1XBET website.

5 Must-ask questions to pick the right betting site for you

In the final section, let us look into the top 5 must-ask questions so that it becomes easier for you to pick the correct online betting site for yourself. This is extremely crucial because online betting sites should cater to your needs as well as give you more benefits as a member. Using the below 5 questions can help you easily differentiate between good and bad websites for gaming online.

22bet vs 1xbet comparison 22bet malaysia review

1. Does it own a license?

The first and most important question that you should ask is whether or not the online betting site you selected owns a license, preferably from a foreign company. This is because in Malaysia only those online betting sites with a legal foreign license to operate and distribute products and services globally are accepted. Check out our Is 1XBET Legal in Malaysia article to learn more about finding the perfect legal betting site for you.

2. Does it have first deposit bonuses?

Most of the top online betting sites offer new members a member bonus offer as a welcome promotion to boost their account wallet. However, along with these, it is important to look into whether or not the bonus amount provided is reasonable as well as the rollover requirements achievable when picking an online betting site.

3. Are the betting prices reasonable?

Another thing that you should ensure is the betting stake prices for most products online on the betting site as it should cater to your gaming budget. Most online betting sites offer free casino virtual game rooms as well which makes up for bonus points.

4. Does it own a physical office?

Online casinos make things easier when it comes to betting online on the go, however, it is important to run a background check on the website you are playing at to make sure it also owns a physical established office in the country of origin.

5. Who has sponsored with them?

Perhaps one of the best ways to also look into the legitness of the online betting site, you must check out the sponsor history that they have partnered with and whether or not those deals were successful. The 22BET and 1XBET website has had popular sponsors from the sports world with successful partnership deals on both party ends, making them even more credible as an online betting platform.

Conclusion: 1XBET vs 22BET

So in this 22BET VS 1XBET comparison article by 88malay, the only conclusion that is important when it comes to which one is the best of the two depends on you, your gaming style, your taste, and most importantly your needs. Judging by all these aspects, you should go ahead and create an account in the 1XBET register or 22BET register immediately, so that you do not miss out on all the extravagant bonuses brought to you by these two all-rounder betting sites. That being said, one thing is for sure, to win most of the best you place online on any betting site, you will need 88malay, Malaysia’s no. 1 betting guide!