1XBET VIP Account: Earn up to 11% cashback promotion bonus!

Upgrade to 1XBET VIP Account status and get VIP cashback of upto 11% by gaming at 1XBET casino products! Know more about the 1XBET VIP group levels from 88malay!

1XBET VIP Cashback 1XBET Bonus RM500 1XBET VIP Status

Joining online betting sites these days provides many people with a fun gaming session on the internet. However, it is always important to pick an online betting site that provides you with maximum returns for how much you spend gaming online. This is where we introduce you to the 1XBET VIP account that grants you cashback offers for every bet you lose on the 1XBET casino products until you reach the 1XBET VIP status where you receive cashback offers on all the bets you place regardless of your wins and losses. This cashback promotion offer goes up to 11% and to learn more about this, read on.

1XBET VIP account status: Join for huge cashback returns!

Firstly, let us look into what the 1XBET VIP account is all about and how it works. The best part about the 1XBET VIP account promotion is that you get to join right from the moment you make a 1XBET registration. As new members are granted a Copper 1XBET account where they can receive 5% cashback right from the beginning of their gaming journey on the 1XBET website.

1xbet VIP account status review by 88malay experts

The 1XBET VIP account status falls under the 1XBET Promotion section where you get cashback returns of the money you spend gaming at the 1XBET website products. As you can see in the image above, there are many 1XBET VIP status levels that you must go through to get to the ultimate VIP level where you get cashback on every bet you place. The 1XBET VIP cashback offer is provided to members as a loyalty program, so the more they play the 1XBET products the more points they can collect to upgrade their VIP cashback 1XBET account status.

6 Reasons why you should upgrade to the 1XBET VIP status

Before we look into the 8 1XBET VIP Levels, let us dive into the reasons why you should upgrade to the 1XBET VIP status on the website as a member. Although there are many reasons why you should opt-in for the 1XBET VIP group statuses the below-mentioned 6 are the utmost benefits you can get as a member of the website. This 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia cashback offer is something you definitely should go for to get some of the best benefits of being a 1XBET member.

1xbet VIP account cashback promotion review by 88malay experts

  1. Get 5% cashback as a Copper member: As stated above, there are 8 different 1XBET VIP group levels. The moment you join the 1XBET website, you are granted a level 1, which is a copper 1XBET VIP account. This also means that you are eligible to automatically receive a 5% VIP cashback 1XBET offer on the losing bets.
  2. Easy to game and earn points: All you must do to level up from the 1XBET VIP status of a copper 1XBET VIP account is play any of the 1XBET products on the website as a member and collect the points. As the table mentioned below, every €1 bet has some points equivalent which increases as you keep leveling up.
  3. Does not require additional effort: All you must do to be a part of the 1XBET VIP group is join the website and opt-in for the promotion as shown below. Then you must game on the casino products and earn points which will be automatically calculated in your 1XBET account. As you keep collecting points, you will be leveling up, and this does not require a lot of effort including no withdrawal requirements.
  4. Provides members with 24/7 CS support: As part of the loyalty program, the 1XBET members who are participating in the VIP Cashback 1XBET promotion have access to the general 1XBET Customer Service 24/7. This means that depending on their time, they can log into the 1XBET VIP account with anything they want and game to collect points, and thus if they need any answers, 1XBET Customer Care services is available on the website always.
  5. Easy access to view cashback earnings: Some betting sites that offer loyalty programs do not allow you to view the cashback earnings you collected by gaming on your account. However, here you get a simple dashboard and calculator which allows you to instantly view your cashback data. This data is backed by 1XBET and can not be lost as long as you have your 1XBET login credentials.
  6. Receive cashback more often as you upgrade: Lastly, the more you rise in your levels the more quickly you will be able to make 1XBET Withdrawals of the cashback offer. The table below mentions the amount of time taken to withdraw the cashback return earnings based on different levels. Along with other important details, so be sure to carefully read through it.

1XBET VIP status levels, points, & cashback explained

Below is a detailed table on the 8 1XBET VIP account statuses along with the points and cashback percentage. The Experience points are what you must collect and the withdrawal times are how many times you can make a 1XBET withdrawal of the cashback earnings. Additonally, in the third column you will see that there are different points equivalent to per euro bets and collecting the required points is one of the most important conditions of leveling up to 1XBET VIP accounts.

1xbet VIP account status levels 88malay review from experts

1XBET VIP Account Experience Points Withdrawal Times Cashback % Points per €1
Copper 0 100 5% For Copper or new member accounts, you will get 100 experience points for every €1 bet
Bronze 300000 150 6% For Bronze 1XBET accounts, you will get 150 experience points for every €1 bet
Silver 1000000 200 7% For Silve1XBET accounts, you will get 200 experience points for every €1 bet
Gold 2000000 250 8% For Gold 1XBET accounts, you will get 250 experience points for every €1 bet
Ruby 5000000 300 9% For Ruby 1XBET accounts, you will get 300 experience points for every €1 bet
Sapphire 15000000 350 10% For Sapphire 1XBET accounts, you will get 350 experience points for every €1 bet
Diamond 25000000 400 11% For Diamond 1XBET accounts, you will get 400 experience points for every €1 bet
Status VIP 75000000 450 0.05 – 0.25% For VIP 1XBET accounts, you will get 450 experience points for every €1 bet

How to join the VIP cashback 1XBET Promotion as a member?

In this section, we will be giving you a simple guide on how to join the VIP cashback 1XBET promotion as a new member. There are three simple steps that you must follow to successfully apply for the 1XBET VIP status promotion which takes less than a minute.

Step 1: Join 1XBET and visit the Cashback promotion offer

  • The first thing you must do is create an account in the 1XBET register by clicking on the ‘Registration‘ button to access the 1XBET Registration form.
  • But if you already own a 1XBET account, then click on the ‘Login‘ button to enter your 1XBET login credentials.

1xbet VIP account status review by 88malay experts step 1

  • Once done with this, you must click on the ‘Promotion‘ option on the betting site’s main menu and this will take you to all the 1XBET promotion bonuses you can claim. From here click on the ‘Cashback‘ 1XBET promotion option.
  • Under this, you must click on the ‘Find out more‘ button of the VIP Cashback 1XBET promotion and move on to the next step of this tutorial.

Step 2: Apply for the VIP cashback 1XBET promotion

  • In the next step, you will find yourself on the page with all the information about the 1XBET VIP status cashback offer. So it is important that you read these carefully.

1xbet VIP account status review by 88malay experts step 2 (1)

  • Once you have completed reading the conditions under this promotion offer carefully, you can click on the ‘Take Part‘ button. This will enable the promotion to start working and keep tabs on your cashback return points as you game online on any of the dashboard 1XBET Casino products.

Step 3: Visit your 1XBET account and calculate points as you play

  • When you think you have collected enough points by playing the 1XBET games on the website, and you want to check your cashback return amount, you can visit your profile by clicking on the profile icon and from the left panel down and clicking on the ‘Cashback VIP‘ option.

1xbet VIP account status review by 88malay experts step 3 (1)

  • Here you will get detailed information on the experience points, rates, and cashback percent of all the different 1XBET VIP status levels but on the left side, you will see a ‘Calculate the cashback amount‘ button which you must click on whenever you wish to see your earnings.
  • As you can see in the image above, the experience points collected are currently 0% so you have to boost this up by playing on the 1XBET Casino products.

Follow these conditions to upgrade your 1XBET VIP account status successfully

In this final section, let us look at the important terms and conditions that you must follow as a 1XBET VIP status member to successfully upgrade your account to different 1XBET VIP groups and make a successful 1XBET Withdrawal of the cash points. These terms and conditions are extremely important to follow because spending money on 1XBET for entertainment can guarantee its returns as a 1XBET VIP member.

1xbet VIP account status levels review by 88malay experts

  • 1XBET Account: You must own one and only one 1XBET account to participate in this 1XBET VIP status level promotion. Experience points collected from more than one 1XBET account are subject to be canceled and you won’t be able to earn any returns.
  • Copper to Diamond VIP accounts: The copper to diamond 1XBET VIP account levels will be granted cashback returns on only their losing bets.
  • Status VIP Account: The status VIP account will be granted cashback returns on all their bets, which include losing and winning bets.
  • Gaming products: You can game on the 1XBET casino products to collect points however the following products are not calculated: Live Slots, Dogs 3D, Xkeno, Live Roulette, Tron 3D, Velo 3D, Penalty, Keno Night, Bingo 37, Keno live, Bet on Horses, Wheel of Fortune, Fortune 18, Bet on Dogs, Bingo 37 Ticket, Craps, Chicago Nights, Romeo, Baccarat, Bird of Paradise, Safari Hunter, Blue Ocean, FaFaFa 2, Fishing God, Fishermen Gold, Baccarat, American Roulette, Plinko, Chinese Roulette, European Roulette.
  • Wagering Requirements: There are no wagering requirements for the VIP Cashback 1XBET promotion. However, you must keep gaming to collect the requirement amount of experience points to make successful 1XBET withdrawals of the cashback returns.


This was all about the 1XBET VIP Account status levels, which is one of the most beneficial cashback promotion bonuses you can claim as a member. Join the 1XBET website today and opt-in for this cool promotion offer to upgrade to different 1XBET VIP group statuses by gaming at the casino products. That being said, to know how to know how to game at the products keep visiting 88malay, a simple betting guide for beginners providing them with topnotch pro insights.