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1XBET Esports review and betting guide by 88malay. Claim 100% up to RM500 bonus to bet on Valorant, Dota 2, LoL, COD, etc. in the 1XBET live Esports sportsbook!

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1XBET ESports Review

If you like Video Games, betting on Esports games, or even just simply enjoying the live stream of top teams battling in ESports tournaments online, then you definitely should check out the 1XBET Esports sportsbook which is one of the best products on the 1XBET dashboard. The 1XBET ESports sportsbook is home to many exciting matches in the Esports world that you can wager on. Here you get to wager on classic Mortal Combat games to trendy Valorant matches taking place online, so to learn more about the 1XBET Esports section and for a 1XBET live ESports betting tutorial, read on!

1xbet esports 1xbet live esports betting tutorial and review

When it comes to ESports gaming there could be a lot of things bettors need to look into to make accurate bets and also ace these bets. These things could be as simple as watching the live stream of the game and getting up-to-date odds instantly all in one place. This is why we recommend using the 1XBET ESports sportsbook because here you get to wager on hot matches, view the live stream of 1XBET live ESports matches, gain access to statistical data of previous matches, and also instant betting slip filters to get the best betting odds, all at one place!

1XBET Esports: Top 6 must-try Esports games!

The 1XBET ESports sportsbook provides members with some of the best video game ESports matches to wager online for minimum betting rates starting at RM1 only. However, among all these extravagant games, below mentioned are the must-try 6 1XBET Live ESports matches you should wager on. For this, make a 1XBET Deposit in your official account today and claim the 1XBET promotion bonus of RM500!

1xbet esports 1xbet live esports betting tutorial by 88malay review

  1. Valorant: The first and most fun game that you will not only enjoy wagering on but also viewing the live gameplay is Valorant. Valorant is a fun FPS game that comes with amazing graphics that make watching gameplays fun. Valorant tournaments are always updated on the 1XBET live Esports section which you can wager on instantly.
  2. League of Legends: League of Legends or LOL is another fun 1XBET ESports game that you can wager on on the online betting site. This is an RPG video game with a fun battle for gameplay that you will enjoy viewing as well.
  3. Mortal Combat: The next online betting game that you can have fun enjoying and wagering on is Mortal Combat. Mortal Combat is a game based on the MMA sports where you get to see fun characters complete as top ESports players operate them in tournaments.
  4. FIFA PES: Another fun game to wager on is the FIFA PES game where you can wager on virtual fun football matches except that they are played by real ESports players instead of computer generized games. The FIFA PES tournaments is a must-try 1XBET Esports gaming option as well.
  5. Dota 2: Dota 2 is not only fun but also thrilling to bet and even play online. There are many matches from hot Dota 2 tournaments played by many ESports teams who also happen to be 1XBET ESports sponsors. Dota 2 matches are always present for 1XBET Live Esports betting and you should give it a try!
  6. CG:GO: Last but not least, there are many Counter Strike games that you can wager on or simply enjoy the fun matches in the 1XBET Live ESports streams. CS games are very similar to Valortant games and are something you should not miss out on!

Wager on 1XBET Esports matches in 3 simple steps by 88malay

Now that you have learned about the 1XBET Esports games that you must try in the sportsbook online, let us look at a simple betting tutorial of how you can play the 1XBET ESports betting games online in the sportsbook. Doing this is extremely simple and all it takes it 3 simple steps. To play 1XBET Live ESports betting online, be sure to opt in for the 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia promotion bonus of RM500 on sportsbook products.

Step 1: Login to 1XBET and enter the 1XBET Esports sportsbook

  • You must visit the official 1XBET website and click on the ‘Log In‘ button on the homepage and log into your 1XBET account.

1xbet esports 1xbet live esports betting tutorial by 88malay step 1

  • If you do not own a 1XBET account, then make a 1XBET Registration by clicking on the ‘Registration‘ button available on the homepage.
  • Once done, hover your mouse over the ‘Sports‘ product and then click on the ‘ESukan‘ option which will take you to the 1XBET ESports sportsbook.

Step 2: Select a 1XBET live Esports match using the filters

  • Once you enter the sportsbook you will see many 1XBET Live ESports matches taking place on the homepage, so to get your desired match, you must use the filter options given on the top.

1xbet esports 1xbet live esports betting tutorial by 88malay step 2

  • Here we have clicked on the ‘ESukan‘ option which provided us with a drop down menu of the popular 1XBET Live Esports matches, and selected the ‘CS2‘ sports.
  • Once done, you will get all the matches mentioned on the 1XBET Sportsbook for ESports betting homepage and from here you can click on your preferred match and move on to the next step. Here we went with a match between Eagles ESports and NightBot.

Step 3: Place a bet on the betting option and enjoy the gameplay

  • In the final section of this 1XBET live Esports betting tutorial, you will find yourself on a page with the live gameplay, betting options and betting odds of the selected match, so from here, locate your preferred betting option and click on a sub-betting option to wager on.

1xbet esports 1xbet live esports betting tutorial by 88malay step 3

  • Doing so would open a betting slip on the right side of your screen where you must enter the betting stake, and this will show you the potential payout returns based on the betting odds of the selected sub-bet option.
  • So now, to lock your bets in the 1XBET sportsbook you must click on the ‘Place a Bet‘ button and watch the live gameplay in anticipation of the results of the bets you just placed. To learn about the case scenarios and how the betting odds work in the 1XBET live Esports betting game, read below.

How does the 1XBET Esports betting odds work?

In the next section, let us learn about how the 1XBET live esports betting odds work. It is important to remember that for live matches in the sportsbooks, the betting 1XBET Odds are changing based on the real time gameplay, so based on this, you must be quick with placing bets on the most favorable betting odds for 1XBET live esports betting, and understanding how they work could help.

Team 1 Win @ 4.36  Team 2 Win @ 1.216
1xbet esports 1xbet live esports betting tutorial by 88malay outcome 2 1xbet esports 1xbet live esports betting tutorial by 88malay outcome 1
Betting odds: 4.36 Betting odds: 1.216
Betting stake RM10 Betting stake RM10
If the bet wins: RM43.60 is won as payout If the bet wins: RM12.16 is won as payout
If the bet loses: Betting stake is lost If the bet loses: Betting stake is lost
If the score ties (Unlikely): Betting stake is returned If the score ties (Unlikely): Betting stake is returned

As you can see, the above table gives you a proper idea of the three outcomes with respect to how the betting odds work in 1XBET live esports betting. This is extremely important for you to know especially as a new member to make accurate betting decisions online. For instance, if you are wagering on higher odds, you can get paid more but this would mean that you are risking the bet to defy the odds for the higher payout returns. On the other hand, if you are wagering on the lower odds, then you are wagering on the option with lower risks and since you do not have to defy the odds, your payouts would most of the times be guaranteed, even if it is in smaller amounts.

What makes 1XBET Esports the no. 1 Esports betting platform?

With this we come towards the end of the 1XBET live ESports betting tutorial and review, but before we leave, let us give you simple yet important reasons as to why you should choose the 1XBET Esports sportsbook as your go to gaming platform for esports betting online. The 1XBET franchise is known to be at top of their game with many cool dashboard products, but Esports lovers can also gain the benefits of the 1XBET Sponsor deals with top Esports teams.

1xbet esports 1xbet live esports betting tutorial by 88malay experts

  • Legal and Safe to use: Firstly, the 1XBET website is completely safe and secure to use, and this would mean that the 1XBET products are provided worldwide legally as it holds a license from the Curacao Egaming company, and an updated SSL certificate.
  • Simple betting at reasonable prices: Sports betting on the official 1XBET Esports sportsbook starts at reasonable prices of a minimum of RM1 only. This means that you can wager in the sportsbook on any of the ESports matches for any game starting at RM1 only!
  • Action-packed live streams: The next reason and the most fun one of them all is that you can access and enjoy some of the best esports gameplay via the live streaming option. This aspect about the 1XBET Esports sportsbook is so cool that you can just enjoy a fun action-packed gameplay of your favorite video game without even betting to have a good time.
  • Statistic betting charts: If you are betting to win then it is very important to make use of the available 1XBET statistical data chart in the sportsbook itself. This comes very handy to view previous match results of the teams playing to make accurate betting decisions on the sub-betting options, etc.
  • Variety of options to wager: Last but not least, as mentioned above, the 1XBET Esports product is a place that offers a lot of entertainment alone because here you get a variety of gaming products to choose from in the ESports world. Not only this but thanks to the 1XBET sponsored deals signed with top ESports teams, you also get exclusive members bonuses, cashback offers, and many more exciting things for 1XBET live Esports gaming online!


The 1XBET ESports betting as a form of gaming online is definitely worth your leisure time where you wish to wager with real money or simply sit back and enjoy thrilling gameplays as top teams compete in hot tournaments online. With the 1XBET Live ESports streaming options, statistical charts, and other helpful aspects, you can enjoy fun gaming online, especially by making use of the 1XBET Promotion bonus of up to RM500. That being said, keep visiting 88malay for betting tips and tricks on how to boost your 1XBET ESports betting games, and also get simple tournaments and explanations on the betting options!