1XBET Basketball live betting explanation + 88MALAY tutorial

Learn 1XBET Basketball live betting explanation via 88MALAY expert guide. Join 1XBET and claim RM500 sports bonus to enjoy 1XBET Basketball live betting online.

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The 1XBET website offers you with their very own sportsbook which is considered to be one of the best in the betting world online. This is why knowing how to wager on most of the amazing sports in the 1XBET sportsbook is a must for every sports bettor. Here we will look into everything you need to know about the 1XBET basketball live betting on some of the hot matches from top leagues.

How to play 1XBET Basketball betting in 3 simple steps?

Jumping straight into it, let us give you the simple 3 step tutorial on how to play 1XBET basketball betting on the website without any hassle. Using only these 3 betting steps, you can wager on any of your favorite 1XBET basketball matches online with ease.

Step 1: Register/Login to 1XBET and select the sports product

  • The first thing you must do is make a 1XBET registration on the official website by clicking on the ‘Registration‘ button and filling out the form with accurate details.

1xbet basketball live betting online tutorial by 88malay step 1

  • If you have already made a 1XBET Registration then you must click on the ‘Login‘ button and enter your login credentials to log into your 1XBET account successfully.
  • Once that is done, click on the ‘Sports‘ product on the homepage’s menubar and move on to the next step of this 1XBET basketball betting tutorial.

Step 2: Filter the 1XBET Sportsbook to select a Basketball match

  • In the next step of this tutorial, you must filter the sportsbook by first selecting the ‘Basketball‘ option from the left side menu panel. Doin so would give you all the basketball matches on one page.

1xbet basketball live betting online tutorial by 88malay step 2

  • As you can see, you can further filter the 1XBET Sportsbook by clicking on the type of match you want under basketball, for instance, here we have click on the ‘Early‘ match option.
  • Then, based on the teams or famous leagues, you can scroll down and click on your preferred basketball match to wager on , and move on to the final step of the 1XBET Basketball betting tutorial.

Step 3: Wager on a betting option by locking your bets for the match

  • In the final step of this 1XBET basketball betting tutorial, you can scroll down and locate your preferred betting option, and from under this click on your preferred sub-betting option.

1xbet basketball live betting online tutorial by 88malay step 3

  • Doing so would open a betting slip to the right of your screen where you must enter the betting stake and based on this and the given odds of the selected option, the potential payout returns will be shown.
  • Finally, to lock your bets in for the match, click on the ‘Place A Bet‘ button, and all that is left to do now is for you to enjoy the 1XBET Basketball live match in the sportsbook itself in anticipation of the results. To know the outcome and more about the 1XBET betting odds of the match bet places in the example, read more.

Top 5 1XBET Basketball betting options you must try!

Now let us take a quick look at the 5 hottest 1XBET basketball betting options that you can wager on using the given 3-step tutorial above. All of these betting options are easily available in the 1XBET Sportsbook and also under 1XBET basketball live and early matches. So, claim the 1XBET Promo Code Malaysia sportsbook bonus of RM500 today to wager your best 1XBET basketball betting options.

1xbet basketball live betting online tutorial and betting options explained

  1. Moneyline: The first option is the moneyline betting option, which basically predicts the end results of the match, which is making the winning team predictions. But here you also can wager on the possibility of the match ending in a draw under the moneyline 1X2 betting option.
  2. Handicap: The next betting option is the Handicap betting option which basically alters the real score of the match in the sportsbook. Here the stronger team is given handicap scores and the underdog team is given headstart scores at the beginning of the match. These scores are then calculated with the real match results to produce altered results in the sportsbook to determine the winner of the bet.
  3. Over/Under: Over and Under is another fun betting option to wager on, and here you have to predict the total score of both the teams combined. This means that you must predict whether the total score would be over or more than a certain number, or whether the total score would be under or less than a certain number.
  4. Even/Odd: As the name suggests, the Even and Odd 1XBET Basketball betting option is one of the most simple betting options that you can play online. Here all you must do is predict whether the end score will be an odd or even number in total.
  5. First/Last to score: Lastly, there are side bets as well that you can wager on, especially for 1XBET basketball live betting. One such betting option is the first or last score betting option which basically is a bet to predict which of the teams will score the first or the last score during the match.

1XBET Basketball match-end outcomes and betting odds explained

In the 1XBET Basketball tutorial above, we wagered on a 2 way Moneyline bet for an NBA Basketball match played between the Washington Wizards and New York Knicks. So, here we will not only see the outcome of the bets placed above, but also help you learn more about the betting 1XBET Odds of the 1XBET Basketball matches and how they work.

Wagered on Team 1 @ 3.265 Wagered on Team 2 @ 1.41
1xbet basketball live betting online tutorial by 88malay outcome 2 1xbet basketball live betting online tutorial by 88malay outcome 1
Condition: Team 1 should win the match for this betting option to win Condition: Team 2 should win the match for this betting option to win
Betting odds: 3.265 Betting odds: 1.41
Betting stake: RM10 Betting stake: RM10
If the bet wins: RM32.65 is received as payout If the bet wins: RM14.10 is received as payout
If the bet loses: Betting stake is lost If the bet loses: Betting stake is lost
If the bet draws: Betting stake is returned If the bet draws: Betting stake is returned

As you can see the outcomes of the 1XBET Basketball live match bet placed in the tutorial above are laid out in the table above. But what you will also notice is how the 1XBET Odds work in the sportsbook.

For instance, higher odds payout more than lower odds, and this is because higher odds have more risks to them which means that to win such bets you must defy the odds and when you do that the reward is more. But this also means that lower odds have more chances of winning since there is little to no risk on them. Based on this you can go ahead and learn to make accurate basketball betting decisions in the 1XBET Basketball live section today!

Why choose 1XBET as your Basketball betting sportsbook?

In the final section of this How to Bet 1XBET Basketball article, let us leave you with the 3 important reasons why you should choose the 1XBET sportsbook as your go-to sportsbook to play basketball betting online. The 1XBET sportsbook comes with many benefits but the below-mentioned 3 benefits enhance the overall experience of playing 1XBET basketball betting online like nowhere else.

1xbet basketball live betting online tutorial and review by 88malay

  1. Reasonable Prices: The first and most beneficial part about using the 1XBET Sportsbook website to game online is its low prices which can go down to beginning from RM1 only. Moreover, thanks to the RM500 sportsbook 1XBET bonus, you can boost your account bankroll to bet on fun basketball matches here.
  2. Live Match streams: The other cool aspect of the 1XBET sportsbook is the 1XBET basketball live streaming services. With this you can watch the real-time live gameplay to make accurate in-play bets, or simply just tune into the 1XBET sportsbook to watch the 1XBET basketball live match online.
  3. Accurate Stats information: Lastly, for making accurate betting decisions, you can use the 1XBET sportsbook statistical charts which provide you with data from previous matches played between the teams. This can help you learn more about the teams’ history and wager on the best option of the two accordingly for 1XBET basketball betting online.


Playing 1XBET Basketball live betting on the website is one of the best things you can experience on the 1XBET website and this is all thanks to their user-friendly interface. So go ahead and make a 1XBEt registration and claim the RM500 sports bonus on your first deposit to play some fun 1XBET Basketball live betting online. For more such simple tutorials,explanations, as well as pro insights to betting, keep visiting 88MALAY